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Promoting Homosexuality to Children

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I was not only shocked but absolutly filled with abhorance when I read the following article.

Private Schools Promoting Homosexuality to Children By Peter LaBarbera (Reprinted from "Human Events", May 12, 1999)
BALTIMORE, Md. - President Clintons recent announcement of a plan to subject junior high students to gay-inclusive tolerance lessons reminded Americans of the ongoing threat of homosexual promotion in the nations public schools. But few parents realize that the homosexual lobby is also targeting private including religious schools with its message to impressionable children that gay is OK. Six years after the Children of the Rainbow controversy in New York City, homosexual activists are stepping up their campaign to expose grade school students even kindergarteners to pro-homosexual propaganda.
Indeed, homosexual advocates are using a plethora of strategies to encourage young schoolchildren to adopt positive notions about homosexuality.
Among them:
Holding classroom discussions about alternative families, including those with homosexual parents;
Promoting gay-inclusive and anti-homophobia curricula;
Encouraging homosexual teachers to be open about their sexual orientation in class;
Using teachable moments (e.g., correcting a child who uses the word gay as a putdown) to guide young school kids into politically correct attitudes about homosexuality.
Richardsons morality is atrocious, and his science is suspect, at best. (Consider the recent phenomenon of famous lesbians like Holly Near and JoAnn Loulan, author of the advice book Lesbian Sex, who have stunned their comrades by falling in love with men.) He offered no scrap of evidence that homosexuality is determined at four or thereabouts. Indeed, at the AIMS conference, Richardson, while maintaining that genes play a major factor in the development of homosexuality an assertion clearly unproved also acknowledged that environment plays a role. (He cited a study that found that on average, homosexual men report that they had a worse relationship with their father than heterosexual men with their dads.) Well, if environment can help turn someone into a homosexual, why should schools provide that kind of environment?
In the lower schools workshop, Richardsons notion of affirming the pre-homosexual child seemed to embolden the 28 teachers and parents in attendance. The discussion was led by Lina Ayers, a lesbian parent whose child, Lauren, attends the Friends School in Baltimore, a Quaker school. Ayers explained how, in an effort to ensure that other children would understand Laurens two moms, she and her lesbian lover (who also attended the AIMS conference) won permission from the school to read Heather Has Two Mommies, a pro-homosexual childrens book, to all first-grade students. (She whited-out the books biological sections describing artificial insemination.) The school notified parents by letter of Ayers classroom visits only after they occurred, but nobody complained.

Yet another reason why I Homeschool my kids and I will never let them into a public school INSHA'ALLAH. It seems the home is the only real place where the children can be more free from the evils of society. Oh yes, since becoming Muslim I am unabashedly NOT PRO-GAY. I don't mind speaking to, being near, etc... Gay people but I don't support them and I don't support what they do. It is BIG HARAM. I don't want to hear gay jokes. They aren't funny.
I had a few gay friends when I was a teen so don't think I don't understand them or get what they are all about, I get it. I just do not approve. And I don't care a whit that you don't care about my approval or not. In fact my gay friend once was in the middle of a previously funny gay joke and I stopped him mid-convo and said bluntly. "Sorry I don't want to hear anymore about these things because I don't believe it is morally right to do what you do. Please keep it to yourself." He of course was immediatly not my friend but I didn't care a whit about that either because I don't want corrupted friends like that.
As for new Muslims that are Gay and are trying to give it up but finding it difficult I pray Allah guides you and makes it easy for you to give up this Haram.
So for teachers to be forced to start making kids as young as Kindergarten (which my daughter is in now) aware of homosexuality is soooooooo wrong. May Allah guide them all.
Sometimes I feel like I blink and the world gets more corrupted.
Au'thubillahi mina Shaytanir-Rajiim.

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Anonymous said...

what a sad sad commentary on intolerance. no wonder everyone around the world continues to fight. thanks for promoting hate.

o0UmmHasan0o said...

that is shocking... thanks for the heads up!!

always in the kitchen said...

It's one of the reasons we hs.I saw the writing on the wall 20 years ago,that and the early sexualization of children were just too abhorant to consider sending my daughter much less my sons,not to mention the lousy academic standards....

It's also one of the reasons I quit working a large farmers market in a nearby city and chose a smaller one in a suburb instead.

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Sis:

Many kids can't read or write, and this is what they focus on in our schools?

American Muslima Writer said...

Anon I wrote a SPECIAL Post JUST FOR YOU! DOn't you feel loved and special now!
And you're quite welcome! Anytime!

American Muslima Writer said...

Always Kitchen: glad you saw the light long ago and I bet it was not as bad as it is now, even which, proves corruption lasts for decades.

Umm Hasan welcome!

Saf: EXACTLY! With all the things teachers have to do in schools these days I bet hundreds are rolling their eyes at this new addition. (those that don't appose it outright that is).
I'm having a hard enough time trying to teach my own daughter reading right now much less about the problems of the grown-up world. Let them be KIDS!

Anonymous said...

Honestly I think that television shows are much more harmful to kids' innocence than learning about homosexuality. I don't know anyone who talks about the physical acts of homosexuality to elementary school kids, but heterosexual intercourse is all over the media. Homosexuality is just the idea that you can love whomever you want.
Also, concerning the "sexualization" of children; people understand sex at very different ages. For instance, many, many children masturbate. They are not as "pure" as you might think. This is not because of what they are taught, but simply because they are human, and have human instincts. Sometimes these instincts include sexual tendencies towards the same sex. You can either teach them to hate themselves, or you can teach them to accept themselves as they are. Or you can try to deny that homosexuality truly exists, and get absolutely nowhere.

Faith Confusion said...

I think it's important that children are taught to accept other people as they find them, but I don't think it's necessary to teach about gay relationships at so young an age. Five seems awfully young... it depends on the area you live in though. But you can't shelter your kids forever. They must eventually learn that alternative lifestyles exist, and you can advise them on your views (of course) but I don't think it is good to promote hate of gay may cause your kids to act irrationally. Who really wants to think about what any other couple does during sex anyway? I don't think privacy/distaste in that area should be confined to gay relationships. Gay people are just people trying to love in the way they feel inclined. I actually feel sad that they are subjected to such discrimination much of the time in life.. i'm pretty sure you wouldn't choose that if there was an option, right?

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