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Tolerance Test

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Not surprising with my Homosexuality post I got a comment that I was not tolerant.
Let me give you an example that maybe might let you look at things differently about what people should and should not TOLERATE.

I'm sure many non-Muslims and Muslims would agree that the following things are things we should not tolerate and support.


Why do you not support these things? When talking about Homosexuality you say "These are people too who should be allowed to do what they want to. They aren't harming anyone. "
Well why not say about Murderers "These are people too who should be allowed to do what they want to. They aren't harming anyone. "
Ah but we all know they are harming someone the person Murdered.
Well why not say about Robbers then, after all they aren't harming someone. They are just taking material objects from one place to another. But they are harming people aren't they. They are causing mental anguish to the Robbed.
So again why do we not support these things?
Because we all agree that these things are IMMORAL! They are such heinous crimes that we have enacted Laws against them to protect our societies.
Now lets look at Homosexuality. Are they harming someone? YES
They are first and foremost harming themselves and those they consummate their relationships with. Physically men harm each other through anal penetration. Mass documentation discusses the harms of this form of intercourse and Islam has always not allowed it even between Men and Women. Women harm each other through use of sexual aides and the use of mutual masturbation. Masturbation can harm one's sexual organs into not performing properly over time.
Socially they harm others by promoting their harmful way of life. They want to spread their Un-moral acts to others and encourage them to try it and accept it and those that don't are labeled intolerant.

But who constitutes what is not Moral? For a Murderer killing is perhaps something joyful to do and to share with others. For Thieves many enjoy this and encourage others to also. How many movies have you seen where the hero is the thief? So they are just enjoying life aren't they? Who's to say it is not Allowed? Well we have law makers with their own agendas of what is moral or not. That is People following the Whims of another Person. Then we have those that follow a higher Law. The law of the Creator. Our Creator has said Murder is IMMORAL. Our Creator has said Theft is IMMORAL. RAPE is IMMORAL.
ah yes and it's there too.... Homosexuality is IMMORAL.
is Islam we call the un-allowed things HARAM. All of these things are HARAM.
So do you Anonymous in your vie for tolerance suggest we should Tolerate Murderers and Robbers? No? Then do not ask me to be Tolerant of Homosexuality.
If you want to corrupt your soul and the souls of your fellow society members that is your problem to take up with our Creator but that doesn't mean you're gonna get the Green Light from me. I'm holding up a giant STOP sign followed with a Red Light. If your gonna run these signs without a second glance you can't expect others to follow your lead without a few harsh words.
We are commanded to Stop things with our Hands (physical action), then with our Tongues (word actions), and least of all to denounce it in our Hearts (internal action). [Hadith]

I have a Zero Tolerance Policy for HARAM.

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Umm Travis said...

me too!

o0UmmHasan0o said...

in agreement on this one!!

Habayeb said...

all the way with u gurl!

Anonymous said...


I am with you 100% on this Brandy.

I read the article you posted and didnt want to respond until I read about the comment you were sent. The immorality in this dunya is sickning.......keep up the good work BC.... great post.....

Jazakallah khairan


hijabee said...

I have a Zero Tolerance Policy for HARAM.

I second this! Great post!

American Muslima Writer said...

Seriously Thanks sisters for all supporting my Zero Tolerance Policy for Haram Act.

(Of course this means now I better start trying to run for American Pres. Do you think this Hijabi can make it?!?! Heheehe )

Nasi, Glad then that I wrote a whole post in response to the commentor, I knwo how you feel though sometimes when others are critisized you feel nervous to ally yourself with one thought or another until they are done or have re-replied to the bad commetns. I do that too soemtimes jsut to keep myself out of any fighting.

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