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Job Jumping

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As I look through my CV (resume) I find a funny coincidence. Every March through May I'm getting a new job and I never planned it this way. When I first moved to UAE I was pregnant and about May I couldn't handle working anymore. Magrudy's laid off dozens and dozens of staff in March last year. And now this year, my job environment at an English language institute I was working at became unbearable. Literally having to beg and plead just to get my hard earned salary.
 No, I don't think so. Allah didn't create me to have to beg for my sustenance when I'm already working hard. If I want to be a beggar I'll go sit on the streets. The staff are all miserable and making drama and even the Director ran away. So I did too.

My parents were planned to come in the end of March so this was the perfect time to switch jobs as I needed a mini vacation. Now financially it's not been easy but I've managed to break all ties with my former company and switch to a new and much better institution for English teaching. But the classes cancel easily and they aren't loading me up so it's difficult.

But YAY my parents did arrive and it's so nice to have time with them! I haven't seen them for 6 years and it's just amazing to see how they've changed and for them to see how much I've changed and my family. Really I could write a whole blog post about their visit and probably will later when i have more time.

ALSO on the horizon I have the chance again to become a designer. The CEO of a design company took interest in my art and is challenging me to show him new work and designs. He is very exacting about quality and basically wants a 3DMAX quality HAND DRAWING. Not easy. My first design was 60% of 100%. My next attempt was 85%. I'm hoping the one I'm working on now will reach 100%. INsha'Allah.

So I'm putting my whole effort into being a designer which is my dream and getting out of the teaching field for now. I'll always love teaching but design is my blood and soul. If he decides he doesn't want me for his company there are thousands more out there or maybe I could start my own..... hmm this is Dubai, where dream can come true with the right connection.

Yalla off to work!

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