7:58 PM

Where's the Ramadan Feeling?

Wrote: American Muslima Writer |

It is a sure sign of the End of Times.  No one I've spoken to in the last month feels Ramadan is coming and is in fact tomorrow.  Not ONE person I spoke to!!!!  This is a scary sign for sure.  It's something the leaders of many countries need to think about.  Why has the excitement for Ramadan been lifted from our hearts.
I'm scared for myself and my family. How will we get through fasting everyday? I really hope with tonight's Sahour, some emotion will begin to register.  It's like everyone knows that it is coming but no one feels the Spirit of it.

So on behalf of those who need a lift right now to feel it more:

RAMADAN KAREEM!!!!!  May Allah enlighten your hearts! Amin!

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