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Societal Freedom

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What would YOU do if you had no societal rules to follow in life. If you were free to make your own choices and do whatever you want? No one to tell you what to do or not do.
City Lights & Streets of Gold Posed this question on her blog. I want to share what I feel about this.

First of all no rules what-so-ever would lead to chaos and society breakdown. People who wished this kind of societal freedom would wish for nudity, drinking all day, sex on the streets, robbery, and other vices. Life would not be fun that way because it would force you to be defensive against their chaos instead of enjoying things how you want.

Thus lets establish one rule that we must follow: Allah's Rules set by the Qur'an and Prophet's Traditions.
Ok that said anything else goes eh?

First of all I would wear a bright red Khimar reaching down to hips with a black niqaab and a Rennaiscance style full skirt/gown in deep red naturally.

I would arrange my house to suit my own feelings. My room would be airy and simple with tiger-lily printed sheets and color coordinated pillows. I'd have candles and book shelves full of all the books I've always wanted to read. No kid's toys would be allowed. In the other room I'd change it from the kid's playroom into a lounge with Arab couches. and a seperate area just for prayer, reflection, and reading Qur'an. My current Living room I'd change to the kids homeschool room and bedroom. but enough about them back to ME! (hehehe)
I would have about 15 kids.
When not at my home I would travel around the world with my family.
I would spend years sailing all the seas until I've seen as much as I could.

Then I'd take my family into a deep calm forest with a running creek and build a log cabin to live in simpily. We'd survive off the land and I'd have my own garden.

After about ten years we'd travel around the world using simple transportation like bikes or walking or a bus (hey i do have 15 kids remeber). No passports no borders. Just land after beautiful land. We'd spread the word of Islam as we went and we'd be sure to do all our manditory Fard things.
I could eat chocolate, ice cream, and cherries all day long.
I could rollerblade whenever I wished and run in full hijab/ren gown.
On my boat of course I could take off hijab and feel the wind and sea blow through my hair since there is no one in sight.

I'd be free from doing all haram things that plauge me. I'd feel constantly at peace in feeling the presence of Allah. Life would be simple yet meaningful.
What would you do?

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Ms.Unique said...

Masha Allah nice .... love ur freedom thought's .....

American Muslima Writer said...

:) thanks Ms. Unique!

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