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Brawl Last Night

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It was awful. I was sleep deprived already when it started!
He was so agitated and then when he got mean I knew I was in trouble. His eyes narrowed in belligerent anger and he lashed out with only thing he knew how to. His hands. But his hands were holding something. A heavy cup. He wasn't far from me, conversational distance. He pulled his full arm back cup high above his head and then just threw it with all his strength. I winced knowing it was coming, unable to stop it. It hit me smartly across the side of my head. Slightly above the temple along the top corner of the hairline. The pain radiated from my head to my body. I felt the spot for bleeding. It was so incredibly tender to touch. There came a few drops of wetness to my probing fingers. All I could think of was astagfirullah some women feel this pain every day! I remained laying on the little floor mattress that I had dragged to the living room to watch a movie. He didn't even bother to see if I was fine. The movie was too important. He sat on the couch but he wasn't through with his attitude spat. My daughter got a little feisty towards him and he cuffed her a good one to. Luckily for her without the cup. My head screamed for me to go to sleep. But the kids weren't sleeping so how could I leave them to their own devices? I can't. I had to remain awake for them. I held my head as the kids jumped around me playfully. Tears in my eyes every time they jostled my head. I kept thinking about a story I saw online at Lisa/Yasemin's Blog. Someone had died from getting hit in the head. I thought what if suddenly without warning I just died from this wound? Then I remembered the last post I wrote about how Allah is the Owner of All things. I felt more peaceful that should this result in death that is ok because it is Allah's Will and He will take care of my beautiful Children.
But that's my drama side talking, I knew it wasn't that seriously injured because my son had received worse head injuries and was just fine. I was upset about his sudden burst of violence over nothing. How could I stop him from doing this again? But I did learn an important lesson this night:

Never try to appease a toddler with a heavy sippy cup when they are acting out and angry. It will come back to hurt you! I spent the night cradling an ice pack to my head.

(to nip comments about spousal abuse in the bud, for those that didn't understand the story I will spell it out more clearly, my baby boy hit me in the head with his heavy sippy cup not my husband with an adult cup. My husband was peacefully sleeping while this brawl happened.)


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Anonymous said...

You had me going for a moment. Lol. I think my worst domestic violence injuries were from a todler too. WHen my friend's daugher was very young (under 2), she had a habit of headbutting. Perhaps her head was too heavy for her. On separate occasions i sustained a swollen eyebrow and a split lip while baby was fine and oblivious. lol.

Solace In Islam said...

You got me good!

Sonia said...

LOL! Funny lady! ahahaha....brawl with a toddler! Poor you!

ilka said...

asalamu alaykum

i get pinched and scratched by my 8month old son. my daughter never did that...BOYS!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

I was close to crying, but kept reading fast and was thrilled to see this outcome.

It is so tough when you are desperate to sleep and the kids won't comply. I wish I could say it will get better when they go to school, but I truly think homeschooling is much better for them dear Brandy.

I'm scared for when these kids age and hit us on the head with frying pans. I think I have a new fear complex after seeing that actress die of something that woudn't have appeared to be fatal initially.

Love you dear one!

Majda said...

At first I was like "omgomgomg" but then at the end I literally laughed.

I tend to get beaten up by nephew. He pulls my hair and scratches my face and slaps me. It's a never ending cycle. :(

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

YOUUUUUU! I was getting so enraged and worries for you! HAHAHAHAHHAHA. Alhamdulillah it wasn't your husband but naughty little boy! Recently my son threw cassettes at me. I guess I have more to look forward to... subhanAllah lol

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Dear:

OK Ladies; I'm from the old school. I'm afraid these kids would have gotten a good spanking from me.

If it were the husband, well, I'd probably be in jail, lol.

American Muslima Writer said...

Stranger, LMAO yeah whats with these kid's big heads and making damage on us!!! OUCH!!!

Solace: hehehe tricky me....

Sonia: lol thanks

ilka yeah my son always hurts me more than my daughter did.

American Muslima Writer said...

LOL Lisa, sorry to frighten you I was just flexing my writing skills lol.
yeah I have a complex about that too but it's as Allah Wills...
Arg kids can be frustrating but I guess it a part of life...

Majda hehehe I love this it shows I'm doing better with my suspense... sorry to worry ui though. Awww sounds liek ur nefew is a handfull!

;) yes go buy yourself a helmet now and wear it at all times over your hijab. I'm sure you'll get even more weird looks but you'll be safe!

Saf lol I'm gonan hide my kids when Aunty Saf visits. Lol he wasn't being purposly bad and didn't knwo it hurts me and I was too sleep deprived to really scold him. Just hold my head and cry lol.

American Muslima Writer said...

*Update* Alhamdulillah my head has healed now! Shall I update on my latest bruises? Lol Go see Brandy A CHase blog for the new bruises!

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