Well MY CALM CHAOS is where I will update (sporadically) about how to deal with ADD/ADHD, Chaos in the home and life, Home Management Notebooks, and general tips on how to streamline your life.
I will also be adding cool Islamic charts to help you with your life later on. I do use them myself :D

Brandy A. Chase is where I'll be typing my general thoughts and info on which I'll export from this blog. and maybe keep AMW for my writing thoughts. We'll see how it goes insha'Allah. I'm just trying to organize everything so I'll let you kow when it gets going.

Well be patient with me I DO have ADD and it will take me a long time to manage all the things that are juggling up in the air.

I also figured out the problems with Jummah Resolutions and Jennah Standards International Homeschooling and COMMENTING! ARG what a pain to do all that work and then the comments weren't working. i tested them and now they are fine so I hope that they will both be good resources to improving your and other's lives. So go on and let us know your resolutions now. (I'm still playing with a background for JR cause the font is too small i think.)

Be sure to check in on all my other blogs insha'Allah ONE will benefit you somehow.
XOXOX to all my dedicated readers and future readers.

2 intelligent thoughts:

Ms.Unique said...

Jazak Allah Khairan .... :)

American Muslima Writer said...

aww thanks Unique, you're always there for me I appreciate it!

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