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My garden

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has been a peaceful place for me! My neighbor did some free labor and planted all the flower seeds he owns. The result is a big wild crazy mess of beautiful flowers. Especially sunflowers! Every week I go out with my clippers and using a newspaper to hold them I cut myself a random bouquet. I put it in my single open mouthed vase and place it in a cheerful place in my living room. Thus on the days when I don't get outside I can still see flowers. I LOVE flowers! There is no reason why someone can't have beautiful flowers in the house. It just softens and brightens up any room! Yesterday we went out playing in the garden and as I clipped the kids played with our two stray outdoor cats. They all had a blast. Then I found a weird bug and proceeded to capture it. I'll have to blog more about the bug on the Homeschooling Blog because now it's part of Rajaa's life and she's become very attached to it. I was happy to find in the middle of the night it eating the sunflower's leaves (behind the yellow petals) as I was afraid it was a bug eater and would starve and was about to free it today. Now I can keep it happily fed easily.

I also finally got some honey called Acacia Honey that is a light golden color and it's soo sweet even more so than regular honey because the acacia flowers have a beautiful fragrance! So I've been randomly spooning some full strength into Mustapha's eager mouth. It seems to be helping with the coughing but I still had to give him syrup in the night because it intensifies... ahh so much for pure home remedies... i can't stand coughing. such a wicked sound. Poor baby can't spit out the phlegm either so it's like torture hearing him cough and swallow every few minutes at night. Too much info? well welcome to my life....
I made chicken soup...with a whole chicken and potatoes and carrots and noodles..... no one barely ate it, the half pot left finally went bad.... I tried Honey and warm water in his new sippy cup but he didn't' go for it at first. I'm not sure if it was the warmness or the newness of the cup. Finally I manged him to drink some and he guzzled it but it was hardly warm then. Maybe I will try sweet lemonade today...

I was gonna try making a cake today too but with a sick boy all night I think I'm too tired to try and control them and bake again. Looks like Tuna Casserole for dinner because I'm too tired to make anything fancy and everyone will eat the tuna casserole. Thanks mom for the recipe. It was always a smash when you made it and it's always a smash here.

We've been having a bad sleeping schedule the last two nights in a row. Not going to sleep until 3-4am and then sleeping til 1pm then waking up playing then sleeping a nap at 6-8pm then Up wild til 3-4 am....ugh! Enough to make any mother miserable.
The good thing about homeschooling is though if she's gonna be up in the wee hours of the morning she's gonna be doing school projects. Or reading books as a family. So at least we get some one on one time more. The hard part is keeping them quiet so hubby can sleep in the next room. I really gotta figure out how to get them to sleep properly. It's hard enough working around hubby's work schedule but trying to make them sleep at right intervals is annoying! One day i got it the next it's whacked. The following day is adjustments and the third day is back ok....etc infinity... that's my life the last few years....

I had misplaced my homeschooling calendar this past month lol and so i was very behind schedule until I found it and realized I only planned for half a month in March and left two week window open, ah clever me. Now we are two weeks behind and have the space needed to catch up!

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Lisa said...

I loved this insight into your life Brandy. This is such a cute blog!

That is so funny about the flowers. I'm a complete idiot because I figured it was virtually impossible to grow them in Dubai. I mean maybe a prickly pear cactus like in Arizona, but not flowers!

Youssef loves that soup you made especially with homemade broth and tons of salt and pepper. Sounds like he was just too sick to eat?

I love tuna casserole. Wonder if you can get tuna helper in Dubai :)

I hate when the kids aren't scheduled. It's harder when they're younger. It's only been since Youssef was 3 that he sleeps at 8 pm. Hope things will get better for you Brandy. Love you so much!

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