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Got a small complaint that I'm taking too long to add a Sister's Blog to ALL MUSLIMAH.
So let me tell you a little bit about how I manage that blog.

  • First I either come across a blog on my own, through a sister's blog link, through e-mail, or on my large list (52 pages long) of blogs to add soon.
  • I add them to the "to be added list".
  • When I don't have any other pressing matters of Children, Husband, Cleaning, Praying, Organizing my Life so it's not Chaos, Expressing myself through my other Blogs, Commenting to all my beloved fellow sisters out there, THEN I can add a few blogs!
  • I open my list of Blogs that I have added. Where I have also saved my automatic replies.
  • I open the sister's blog that I'm adding, read through the first screen to make sure she's Muslim and a SHE. Also to get a feel of the Blogs content for categorising. Which takes a good 5-10 minutes.
  • I then open my Blogger make sure I don't have any comments to publish. 1 minute.
  • I open the Layout screen for ALL MUSLIMAH and have to think about a category for this sister. if I just don't' know I put her in the "you pick" category. 2 minutes.
  • I have to type in her URL and her blog name. 1 minute.
  • I have to save it and then copy it to my list of added blogs.
  • I copy my automatic "you've been added to ALL MUSLIMAH" comment and comment on her blog making sure to add something nice about her current post. I don't usually like it when someone just goes HI THERE COME SEE THIS, and doesn't even say "nice post"... lol... so I try to make sure to comment with my Automatic reply. (which takes a good 3 minutes)
  • Then I have to go to the e-mail they sent me if that is where i got it from and copy the automatic reply to that informing them of the category. (2 minutes)
  • Then I check the main Blog ALL MUSLIMAH to make sure the link works. 1 minute.

So all in all it takes a good 10-20 minutes per person I add to ALL MUSLIMAH. So if I haven't gotten to your link yet please have mercy on me and realize it's a long process because I care about each and every one of you. You are not a mindless URL to enter and be done with. I've seen blogs that just make a master list with no categories, they have hundred and hundreds of blogs listed. But they didn't notify the owner of these blogs, they didn't categorize them, they didn't do diddlysquat. Which is why it takes them 1 minute per entry.
I admit even with all my skills of trying to get organized and help other sisters I have my down
side and days of absolute mayhem and chaos. Days where nothing goes right, everything goes wrong and I don't give a rat's behind about taking 20 minutes to add a blog to my lists because I can't even keep my temper for one second in check. So for that please forgive me. Insha'Allah as things get sorted out at my home things will get more sorted on my computer.... at least that is the plan.....

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