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A sound in the night

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*to the song "The Call" Song at end of Narnia2:Prince Caspian"*:
It started off with a tickle which then grew into a cough
which came off and on, into the night, as all tried to sleep.
Then that cough came more often and often,
through out the day, It comes back, just when we think it's gone.

Aww my poor son was tossing and turning all night coughing sporadically and now it's worse so I'm on germ detail looks like for this week.

Hmm my throat feels a bit scratchy too......

I found these natural remedies for cough/cold especially good for small kids who shouldn't take certain medicines and also because who wants to cram medicine down a cranky baby's throat? Not me....

Classic Chicken Soup: Noodles, Whole Chicken, Veggies ahhh... classic...
Hot Water and Honey (honey not for babies under 1)
Traditional Arab Recipe Husband taught me: Quarter a Lemon and boil all in hot water squeezing with fork or spoon every few minutes. Add honey (or brown sugar or white sugar) to sweeten. *also you can add a dash of cinnamon, it's know for it's healing properties*
Suck on a Peppermint Candy (either candy cane or little mints) make sure you know if your child wont choke on it first.
At night a dab of VapoRub (i heard there was one for Babies) on chest.
Alternativly I also read if you put VapoRub on Feet then cover it with cotton socks all night it will help. Many smells and medicines can be absorbed through the feet AllahuAkbar.
For stuffy nose use saline drops for kids/babies or spray though i find drops are less traumatising for both parents and kids.
And if all else fails a good old steamy shower. (make sure you don't burn your kid) Run hottest water for three minutes into a bath/shower. Then add cold water to feel then let baby play in water, no need for soaps, just water fun.

Know any other remedies? I'll keep you updated which ones worked the best.... as I feel I might join him soon...

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Ms.Unique said...

Nice ... I've heard the same remedies too the Vapo rub and lozenges and honey water ...

Ms.Unique said...

Oh! I forgot to tell U ... U cud give ur kids Echinace syrup ... it's made from natural flower for cold and stuff ... really helful we do dat ... and my friend did it for her kids too .... U shud ask the Chemist abt it ...

American Muslima Writer said...

Thanks Unique for your suggestions and all! Love them

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