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6 Week Plan

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So I read this Awesome Book! "The Illustrated Pratical Encyclopedia of FITNESS TRAINING" by Andy Wadsworth

Very very excellent book. Really taught me where I've been going wrong in my previous workout attempts. Now I have a new Fitness Workout Plan for the next 6 weeks. Grueling of course.
And I've been working on my eating plan, made myself a comprehensive healthy eating plan.
Instead of making a specific food for each meal I put the things I can have at that meal time and how many servings of each kind so I can make an informed decision even when I don't have a specific food on hand. (common in my house).

Also working on resisting again my "happy" foods. My sugar-drug. OMG DID YOU SEE THEY CAME OUT WITH COCONUT M&MS!!!! I LOOOOOOVE COCONUT AND CHOCOLATE COMBO......
*ahem* yes as I was saying..... RESISTING!!!!  Like last night went with my kids to the park (at 11pm) and on the way we stopped for gas and "snacks" I told them before we went in Healthy snacks only.
OH MY GOODNESS trying to find a healthy snack in a convienience store was like a needle in a haystack. Sure they had fruits, like a pre-packaged Banana and an apple but my kids were not gonna be fooled into thinking that is a snack for parks. and I didn't want to deal with the sticky hands from the juice.  My son started out looking at the marshmellows and I firmly said no, put it back. Then my daughter saw Gummy Cherries, "Look Mommy, your favorite!"  No NO! Put them back!
Then I saw JELLY BEANS!!!! OHHHH I LOVE JELLY BEANS!!!! I was like ok just one bag.... I held onto them as I strolled around. We got to the cookie and cracker aisle. I started checking every package for Carb and sugar counts.... OH the HORROR of high carb counts! 60carbs per serving in most if not more! THen I looked at the back of the Jelly Beans.....WAY more than 60! Stupid me why did I even pick them up...old bad habits! I tossed them aside and finally settled on TUC crackers and SKYLINE crackers. Meanwhile both kids were literally crying and screaming everytime they brought me something sugary and I said No. But their tears just confirmed to me how badly we are all getting sucked into the unhealthy trap.
We made it to the Check-out with only the crackers where COCONUT M&MS assaulted my mind.
I even got sucked into thoughts of "health Bars" with rediculously high carb and sugar counts....which made me put it back....and then on the way out CHEX Trail Mixes in multi-tempting-flavors. I checked the carb counts and was like ummmm not bad carb count until i saw the serving size and servings per bag.. 7-10 servings each bag. So multiply 72 carbs by 7.  342 calories by 10...yeah no thanks......
we got in the car and realized we had forgotten water...but i was NOT going back in there.

 Any of that junk at the park wouldn't have lasted more than 5 minutes, ten max, but those two small packs of crackers lasted the three of us 50 minutes. pretty good! We even found a vending machine at Safa Park (which closes at 11:30pm so we got in free) and I thought the kids would beg for soda but lo and behold they lvoed healthier and begged for water!  YAY!!! Small steps!

It was amazing reading a Weight-Loss Blog "Escape from Obesity" about the brains pathways in habits. Very interesting! Go check it out!

So the last week I spent writing down my plan and fine-tuning everything and prepping myself to resist junks so that on Saturday I can start the workout part.  Yay!  They also have a nice spongy jogging path around the park I'm thinking to use for Rollerblading by myself. Weeee!!!!!

Ah and of course Homeschooling and Work and everything is going on track too!  :D

Thanks for all your support and comments the last post :)

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It's a Confused World

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Just read in India they are getting their daughters sex-changed to be boys.
They claim (just like with the infantcide post that first started my blog years ago) that they need boys to make more money for the family, and the high dowry and wedding costs make them fear daughters.


I don't like cussing but here it's necissary!
If they could see this is where the beauty of Islam comes in, it would help things a lot in India.
In Islam the SON pays the WIFE a dowry!
In Islam you don't have to have extravagant dowries or weddings.
And the Quran says (to the effect of): "Don't bury (or kill) your children for fear of poverty."

The stupid part is that these children most likely will grow up sterile (not to mention have gender-complexes) and not be able to have children when they are older. Now India's male population is so large where are all these boys gonna find wives to marry and continue their noble line with sons? Other countries?
Here's the Link GULF NEWS.

SubhanAllah, the crimes, NUMEROUS NUMEROUS CRIMES, in India make me fear for them as a nation. God's Wrath comes swiftly when you least expect it. May Allah protect us and guide them.

Another Country high on my radar is Brazil.... OMG!
Have you people SEEN what is happeneing there? *shudder* Don't even wanna blog it.....


And of course we have USA and Europe.....  high HIGH crime rates of all bad morals.
Of course not ALL people but a whole damn lot.


TO be fair we have to include the Arab countries.  Quickly following the Western bandwagon!
Dubai as the most "western" city in the Middle East, sure is leading the bunch.
And we live near the sea........


On that note, I'm hoping to look in far Sharjah or Ajman for a nice house with a YARD for my kids to play in and have lesser rent prices. The only drag will be the long drive to Dubai for fun or Work, and lets hope the car doesn't break down....
But at least we will be further from the corruption and ........ the sea......

In other news.... this is the first gun-crime I have heard of in UAE since I've come here!
Armed robbery in a convieninece store I believe in Sharjah!!!! They got 80,000 DHS!
No one has guns here except Police.
It was like some weird twilight zone feeling reading that news article.
"What? ARMED robbery?" "Maybe it's a typo?"
"There aren't guns here!"

It's a sign for sure.....     yeah maybe just stick with Ajman, Sharjah's getting pretty rough.

Ah and good news finally for Quoz Industrial 2: Al Khail Gate Complex:
They started planting Palm Trees on the main Road entering near my house. And they got a BUS(F-15) to come into our area now that goes to Noor Islamic Metro Station.  So actaully people wont have to walk across the desert now. Althought he bus takes so darn long poeple walk anyways. But there is hope for the poor poeple here.  We might get some more trees and flowers in the next two's hoped. I still can't see greenery near my house and kids still play in dirt... but still....slowly things are changing.

....of course as I want to move out......  :p

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