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More Bloggers!

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Masha'Allah I am continuously amazed at all the wonderful Sisters Blogging out there in the world now.  When I first started up years ago there were maximum 200 sisters around the world daring to blog their opinions.  Now look at them! So many I can't even keep track or keep count!
One of my many goals in this life is to let Sisters come together more easily. By making my Blog Directory (when there wasn't any around years back) allowed Sisters to do this. To read about topics they loved, by fellow Sisters they can relate to. For a while I couldn't add any more Sisters to my Directory because it was taking up too much of my time. I was complicating the process more than I had to. Now I just streamlined it and have started adding Sisters again.
And OH! the blog fever returns!!!!  I Love seeing Sisters showcasing their lives and talents! And from all over the world!  I like a new Blogger out there NOT SO PERFECT. Okay I'm partial to this blog cuz she's into Designing like me but it's more than that it's the outlook she has and the enthusiasm she writes with.  Go add her to your followers, she's really cool.
Of course there are countless others I've just added to the Blog Directory too that are really awesome.  One Sister in Arts Crafts n Hobbies (under the section Arts and Crafts) is having a giveaway of a beaded bracelet so go check her out too. The countries are starting to fill out more too. Recent newcomers from Pakistan, Nigeria. UK, USA, and European Countries!
I'm so excited really I am!
I do apologise and please forgive me Sisters who have asked months and years ago to be added, I will get to you!!!!!!  Life's rough sometimes, but Allah has given me time to add you now.
Please do go check out the recent blog additions and perhaps you'll discover a new friend!

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Earth Hour! We're doing it!!!!

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You can still do it too!  March 26, 8:30pm Your LOCAL Time! Turn off your Lights and Electricity.  Light some candles (optional, but if you have to run to the toilet you'll be thankful for the flame), and enjoy some quiet activity with your family.
I suggest to further show your children you support this concept you should strive to do this weekly or bi-weekly.  After all why only once a year!?!?!?
Of course Lebanon being way ahead of it's time has Earth Hour daily for many hours of the day. The Government strategically cuts off power to residences forcing them to observe the value of having Electricity.
Ahhh, the good old days in Lebanon....

So the Earth Hour website also has games and activities for kids to do and interesting things for parents!

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Favorite Posts!

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I changed my Blog Sidebar a bit and added my top favorite Posts.  The option you can add on Blogger of putting posts that recieve the most clicks is skewed! They will always remain top clicked because they are advertised so I wanted people to know more about me than my post on scarlet fever LOL. SO there they are in the sidebar on my blog! :D

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Hearts Lift

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Those not living here in the Middle East don't know the fear and oppression the people have faced daily for years and decades. In Lebanon they told me I'm so lucky we're not in Syria, where if you even whisper against the government you can get shot. Lebanon has it's own share of Politically Charged Environment but at least people are open there about their feelings.

I've always asked if there people are so miserable why don’t they take a stand? They OUTNUMBER Government officials! History has shown Civilian Revolutions are largely successful in large numbers.
I was always told, they'd love to, but they fear being shot to death in a large massacre.
Now here we are in the middle of an Arab Revolution.

Finally people are daring to get together and stand up against the injustices being done to them.

May Allah Bless and forgive the man who started it all when he set himself of Fire in a fit of rage to protest the injustice done against him. He was literally the spark of the revolution. Every person in the Middle East felt his pain and their hearts lifted. SOMEONE FINALLY HAD THE GUTS TO STAND UP AGAINST INJUSTICE, DESPITE BODILY HARM!






As Egypt succeeded this showed the regions nearby that they could succeed too and no matter how many were killed to achieve it, the results would be worth it.

No one knows how far this will reach or how it will affect the future but I for one am with it.
I cannot participate physically but I participate with my du'a and with my words.
Every country here with a dictator type regime and a score to settle is preparing.
Those forced out of their jobs and livelihoods are preparing.
Those with family members killed viciously are preparing.
Children and grandchildren under decades of oppression are preparing.
May God help them all.
May HE keep their intentions pure.
May HE guide them to having Justice.

Has anyone actually looked at the map where this is happening? DO you see the circle widening? Yet the true center of the circle that has yet to be untouched is Jordan/Palestine/Israel/Lebanon!!!!! One of the most previously volatile areas in the Middle East!!! I think the eventual plan is to oust the dictators around this epicenter and install more friendly just governments in their place. Thus backing humanitarian efforts and having larger support to finally end the Israel/ Palestinian conflict. ALL these people standing up for Justice in the face of death, do you really think they will stop at the edge of their borders? No they will continue on. I guarantee you. It's all heading back to Israel. And this time they won’t get away with their atrocities. The world will now have their eyes opened to the real Middle East and what is happening here. Including those in USA. Now we will just see if they can actually stand up for the right thing or continue to shuffle their feet and stand there awkwardly at Israel’s side supporting their inhumane bloodshed.

The ironic thing I find though is the American People protested the War in Iraq against Bush. But they didn't do it with enough people and with enough heart! What they did gain was quickly stifled. Bush was a Gaddafi/Mubarak dictator who got away with oppressing his people and ignoring their demands for justice and peace. America you should feel with the people here and support us. Encourage Obama to help in a GOOD WAY. Lift your hearts and speak out.

People in the Middle East are reaching out to you, not against you for once. You should take that gift not shun it.

May God guide us all to correct decisions and bring a lasting peace to this region and further to the world.


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Professional Make-up

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Since someone has expressed an opinion in my last few posts on my choice of make-up. I would like to elaborate on that.  NEUTRAL VS GLAM

I wear it for work. I'll be honest: I don't always like it. It's tedious to put on, horendous to scrape off nightly, and I prefer the fresh face look anyways.  Sadly though the reality is even in my twenties, I'm breaking out badly like a teen. Everyday suddenly there might be anywhere from 1-5 zits popping out and on a personal level I wouldn't be comfortable sticking my zitty face near others and advising them at work. Having the ability to put on a mask, or a Professional Face, is part of a Customer Service job.  Look at Airplane Stewardesses and Check-In Crew! PROFESSIONAL! and yes MAKE UP. Half my neighbors are in this field and their make up is thick and bold! Although the Muslimah ones wear just neutral like me.

People naturally gravitate towards that which is nice to behold. In my work I do want people gravitating TO me not away from me.
That said let's talk about Islam. We should be modest. We should Not attract undue attention to ourselves.
Okay, so, lets look at what I am wearing exactly. I'm not shy to reveal my so called beauty secrets. :p

Liquid Foundation: Covers those zits and provides a skin evener that lets me not stand out with red spots or healing scabs, all over my face.

Powder: Both of these in my natural skin tone not too lighter or darker as some ladies do (especially here in UAE). I wear it to preserve the liquid to last all day and not run or flake off, or look shiny.

Eyeshadow: Lightly applied in complimentry neutral colors to what I'm wearing. Mostly hidden behind my glasses as you can see on the side. Because if I didn't add this my face would take on a ghostly sheen from no accent color to the powder.

Blush: a softest pink with a fluffy brush and only a dab under the apples of cheeks, seriously you can hardly see it, even me and i know it's there. But if I didn't put it again you have the ghostly face effect. Beleive me I've tried to not put it and people have asked me if I was unwell.......  :(

Mascara: Only worn once a month on my period days, since to make wudu we can't use the waterproof kind , and the non-waterproof will run all over my face at work....yeah, sooo not professional. I actually wear it because it's always made me feel more confident and it's my one vanity that has no basis other than the fact I like it. I told you I'll be honest here. My lashes are naturally very light brown almost blonde to the point it looks as if I have hardly a lash. I dont CAKE IT ON, as some do. Just one swipe to put a touch of color.  If I need a pep-me-up on my non-period days I wet them with water and use black eyeshadow to dust them but it washes off with the first wudu.

Lip Color:  The reason I call it that instead of lipstick is that what i wear isn't technically lipstick. Again because I'm a white girl my lips have a naturally pale color and again as we discussed before, once that powder is on I get the ghost effect. It seriously doesn't even look like i HAVE lips, which freaks me out in the mirror! I put a tiny dab on my pinky of a gloss with a shimmer one shade darker than my lips.
This goes off easily many times a day, while talking (which i do a lot of at work), or drinking water etc.... so reapply as needed.

And thats it.

But guess what, on the days my face is clear of zits, I wear NO make-up.

But a few times (for those that argue to try it naturally) when my face was really badly spotty, I didn't have time (cuz it does take 30 mins to put that on) for make-up before work. I had to run to catch the bus. When I got to work literally every single co-worker asked me in a very shocked concerned voice "OH MY GOD! What happened to your face!"  I embarrassedly explained to them this IS my face. All day I felt horrible and self concious instead of confident. I had less customers and things did not go well.  ( Not to mention everyone kept staring at me, which i hate)


Let me also add that before I was Muslim I rarily left the house without Mascara and Bright Red Lipstick. I would even do Black or Dark Green in my Punk Days. But never NEVER did I wear light pink or "girly" or "natural" colors.  It was always shocking bright color. My eyeshadow too had to be bright colors. So there is a differnce in wearing make up to SHOW OFF YOUR FACE, and wearing Make up to Neautrilize your face or to look Professional. BIG DIFFERENCE.  I personally feel more natural at work with it than without. On my good days of a clear face no zits and no make up many people have actaully told me I'm prettier so... subhanAllah..... what's a girl to do?  Allah knows my intention. Allah knows my limits. And it is for Him to Judge.

If you don't like it well, you're free to say so as this is blog world, but you also have a choice to go to another blog. I've been honest though.

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United Nations grow up from Boys to MEN

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Alhamdulillah for once the UN finally takes a stand and does something right. After years of Palestinians and Iraqis and Lebanese etc... being killed and slaughtered by overwhelmingly advanced enemies, and the UN standing by wringing their hands, they have grown up from the ineffectual boys they were toward taking steps to become Men who do what is right for humanity; Saving People especially women and Children.

I applaud the West and Arab Forces interference into the Libyan Revolution. May they turn the tide against their evil dictator who doesn't flinch at massacring his own people. May they Humble him and raise the Rebels chances. Insha'Allah it will be over fast to spare undue death.

May Allah guide their hearts and actions to work swiftly and not have the blood of civilian casualties on their hands. AMIN.

Salam Everyone out there.

Today subjects: Blogging, Jobs, Male Friends, Family Time, and UAE Culture.

It's hard to believe I was a "post a day" Blogger at one point! Where does time go? I still love the blogs and although I rarely get a chance to read any I love seeing new sisters starting up theirs and connecting with others. I'm really gonna have to sacrifice a night or two of sleep and add the rest of the Sister's blogs they've been requesting onto my Blog Directory because I know how much benefit I gained in my life from Blogging. I want other sisters to gain the same. New friends, new ideas, a place to vent, and more importantly to learn. Also to keep your iman up. Sometimes when you're lonely and you feel there are no Sisters out there who are sharing what you feel you only have to search for a relevant blog and I'm sure there will be dozens facing the same issue as you.

I'm happy I've gotten this month of March to refocus what I want in life and to have more time with my kids. It was seriously depressing having to leave them daily for work. When taking care of the Mother and Baby Books section at Magrudy's I'd seriously get into a mental funk wishing to be with my kids. I would literally have to stop organizing half way through and go walk around the store for a while or text my husband how I felt. He was very supportive and always encouraging me that my sacrifice for our family would be rewarded by Allah SWT.

Am I happy I lost my job though? No. I enjoyed seeing new people and learning new things everyday as I browsed the books. I enjoyed helping people. Plus the job search going on now at home is daunting and annoying. Just when I think an interview went well and I'm sure to be a shoe-in, they never call back or they email me the position has been filled. Obviously not by me. UGH! Oh well...! But as I said many times I made Dua for this chance and Allah has given it to me. Be careful what you ask for does apply here. I do have the chance to explore new options and new fields I might be good at but on the other hand I'm disappointed when they don’t materialize.

I've received counsel about my huge Masjid-Humanitarian idea. Although the source of that counsel is a confusing person who seems to have two faces.....I did take his words and used my personal indicator of truth to figure things out. Now is not the time for it. and The Govt. won’t be very supportive. So I've had to move to Plan C. (Plan A: JOB, Plan B: Masjid). Open my own viable company and raise awareness and do good through that and earn enough money to start up my own humanitarian efforts.

Working at Magrudy's also taught me something that has serious made me think deeply: Can men and women really be friends in Islam?

I had many GOOD Muslim Male co-workers. They were polite and respectful to me. But they were also fun, funny (yes there is a distinction), likable people. Their worldly concerns I gave my advice to. I would look forward to seeing them everyday from the tediousness of the job. When transferred from City Center to Ibn Batutta I was glad one of "guys" was transferred with me. And at Ibn Batutta I met more "guys" who I got along well with. But as a strong Muslim I do agree that men and women shouldn't be close friends as it can make fertile grounds for problems in the relationship. I do keep myself mostly a little distant from them. Try to advise like a Sister or Mother would. When joking stay away from Haram topics or lewd jokes that I might talk about with my GIRL friends. Keep my distance and maintain my rule of no physical contact. I never have shook their hands and I was very careful never to bump into them even by accident. They too respected the boundaries and encouraged me to always be a good muslimah and reminded me of praying times and made sure I had an adequate place to pray from the eyes of strangers or anyone. They watched over me like a Brother or Uncle would. Not having Islamic Brothers or Uncles it was nice. So I've come to regard them in my heart not as co-workers but actually as friends. Friends I have to maintain a strict code with, but still friends. A friend is someone you care about what is happening in their life and how their life is going. A co-worker or an acquaintance is someone you just see during working hours and go home and don’t think about them again. When I go home I still think about them and hope they are doing alright and make dua for them. Having pure intentions and a pure heart makes this kind of relationship possible. Perhaps this is what they call a Business Friendship? A friendship with rules? I'm not sure and it's a strange feeling for sure. I don’t recommend it for any guy girl relationship but both parties have to be respectful of Islamic Laws and not compromise that in any way.

I'm working on the Business Plan of my new Business Idea which is a Luxury Cafe. I have chosen my key staff from the friends I have made during work, both male and female. I have assessed their personalities and work ethics and have chosen them for specific positions based on their talents not just that they are my friends. So now I'm in the position of having not only them again as my co-workers and Business Friends, but as my Employees, which creates another dimension to the relationship where I will have to have another set of rules to govern all behavior. But so far it has been interesting having Business Meetings with them and seeing their new talents emerge and trying to let them have enough freedom in their roles to build the Company but not too much to have 5 or 6 Directors.

Having an open honest policy Rule helps. I don’t want there to be a secretive atmosphere where everyone is walking on eggshells never knowing what comes next. Companies like that never thrive. We know each other’s salaries and all have the goal of making the company achieve using our best assets. It has been fun and exciting to plan it all out and their ideas are supporting mine and subhanAllah its turning out a great idea. Meanwhile in case this doesn't work we are all still trying to get regular jobs. But we are closer and closer every few days to getting things in order. We've organized most of the basic Plan and are now looking at locations and then it will be time for involving an investor. I'm hoping to find a Lady Investor because I want to promote Women Business Goals. She wouldn't have to do too much either and would still get a large profit since we already have a full team. Insha'Allah, Make du'a for us.

On another note one of the places I had an interview at is The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding: "is a non-profit organization established to increase awareness and understanding between the various cultures that live in Dubai. Operating under the banner of “Open Doors, Open Minds” the SMCCU strives to remove barriers between people of different nationalities and raise awareness of the local culture, customs and religion of the United Arab Emirates."

They are the ones who run the Tour at Jumeirah Mosque for Non-Muslims to learn about Islam and the Mosque. Also they have Cultural Breakfast, Lunches, and Private Meals to teach the Culture of UAE for those wishing to learn. As an interviewee I was invited to attend these events and it was amazing really how open tourists and Non-Muslims were to learning Islam and UAE Culture. Another Interviewee who I became good friends with, a German Muslimah, also attended and afterwards we were asked many questions by the tourists. It was fun being able to inform them and change misconceptions in a friendly way. The tourists were also excited to be able to have access to Muslims and be able to openly talk to them without stigma of seeming stupid or ignorant. I like their Open Door, Open Minds Policy. It really benefits both sides. Even if they don’t need me in the job I'm still going to fully support their organization. I suggest you check it out too. (I'll be adding a permanent link in my sidebar later). UAE has such a rich culture and is full of interesting customs and tidbits that NOT learning about them is such a loss. Insha'Allah more people will benefit.

Now for the next week I'll be wondering what Allah Wills for my life. My family cannot survive without me having some kind of pay soon so I hope He brings it swiftly enough. As HE is ALLAH, He knows how long I can live without money, but we still must make du'a for an opportunity to come and not just sit on our bums waiting for it.

Until next update I wish everyone out there health and happiness.
Pray for the troubled regions in the Middle Eat and the People of Japan.

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