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Earth Hour! We're doing it!!!!

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You can still do it too!  March 26, 8:30pm Your LOCAL Time! Turn off your Lights and Electricity.  Light some candles (optional, but if you have to run to the toilet you'll be thankful for the flame), and enjoy some quiet activity with your family.
I suggest to further show your children you support this concept you should strive to do this weekly or bi-weekly.  After all why only once a year!?!?!?
Of course Lebanon being way ahead of it's time has Earth Hour daily for many hours of the day. The Government strategically cuts off power to residences forcing them to observe the value of having Electricity.
Ahhh, the good old days in Lebanon....

So the Earth Hour website also has games and activities for kids to do and interesting things for parents!

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Support Earth Hour March 26, 8:30pm, Turn Off Your Lights!

Earth Hour - Proudly Committed