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I'm having serious errors with my Home page and my Archives page so if you want my current profile and pic and such click on the archives January. UAE has blocked the helping website for some reason so i can't get help to fix it so for now it will just have to be odd!

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This is the year 2008 where I will make things happen that I haven't been able to achieve before!
These are my goals for the year so far:

- Write [and finish!] a Publishable Book in the sub-genre of Arab Romance
- Send it off to my secret editor
- Send the Final Draft off to Publishing Houses
- Get a good contract signed
- Be Published Author!

Ok so maybe they wont all happen this year but I have to get the ball rolling!

To accomplish these goals I HAVE to learn to manage my time better. These are the obstacles in my way:

- My 3yr old daughter needs to have definite schedule for school and home
- My 6month old son is breastfeeding around the clock
- Keeping up with the Arab's idea of a clean house takes a lot of time and no slacking
- Need to decide if i will predominatly type or handwrite the story
- Need to make Writing schedule and keep it up

Of course with wonderful world of blogs tempting me at every turn to procrastinate I'm doomed but I WILL TRY! Wish me well insha'Allah!

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