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Hand Thikr

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I was reading Habayeb's blog about this subject of using hands over thikr beads. She makes very good points that on the day of Judgement our body parts will speak of what they were made to do by us and if it is good then Allahu Alim we get more reward. One can always make the argument that you are moving the beads with your hands too but as Habayeb also points out you do concentrate more using your hands to keep the counting correct.
I have spent lots of time approx the equivalent of two months trying to find a finger system that works that I can do on one hand because the right hand is favored. I wanted a system that I could keep track of each 33, and each 100. Finally success to the point where I prefer it to my beads. My hands after all are always with me never to be lost or (inshallah) broken and scattered across the floor to roll under a table.

Here is a picture I've made showing my counting method:

As you can see I start with the index (1st) finger and touch each digit part. The top finger pad, the middle link, the lower section of the finger, then the pad right under the finger on the palm, then touch the center of the palm. I follow this along each finger in turn until i get to the thumb. As it is missing a digit link I touch the top of the thumb by the nail, then the finger pad, then the middle digit, then the ball of the thumb under it, then the center.

This completes a count of 25, five counts per finger line. Easy to remember. To do 33 you follow the hand around once then do the index again and the middle finger to the third digit. Then for the next 33 start over at the beginning of the index. To do 100 you do the full hand 4 times. Easy-peasy. It's my method and I'm not changing it for the world. Try it and see if you like it too! If not tell me what is hard about it and if you have a better system let me know too.

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Jana said...

This is what I was taught at school, and I find it incredibly easy. 5 fingers x 3 finger 'creases' = 15, do this twice round, then count another three on the index finger, that gives you your 33. Then start the next round on your thumb again. For the 100th tasbeeh, I was taught to say 'la illaha illa allah wahdahu la sharika lah lahu al hamd w lahu al mulk wa howa 'ala kuli shay'in qadeer'.

Habayeb said...

Hmmm i think its a pretty easy way once any1 tries it...although i must say all of us have unique ways of doing dhikr on the fingers....isnt it just so EASY! im glad Allah opened my eyes regarding it. As for my method of doing dhikr, i think u will get confused if i tried explaining it insha'allah one day if we meet :P

Solace said...

I do it the way Jana described. Using one's hands is difficult at first, but practise makes perfect!

American Muslima Writer said...

Very cool System Jana and Solace, subhanAllah the "creases" are such blessings not just to help us move our fingers :D

Hab I can't wait to hear about it lol. Nothing is too hard to describe in words though it's a writer's job lol.

Umm Ibrahim said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

I have been doing my tasbeeh like this ever since I read your post AMW which means that everytime I do Tasbeeh I think of you! Thanks for this post, very helpful! May Allah reward you, ameen. xxx

American Muslima Writer said...

YAY Umm Ibrahim, I'm so happy someone was able to do it and liked it. Alhamdulliah you think of me :D Now I will think of you thinking of me and doing the way I taught you LMAO. It will be a beneficial circle of good thoughts and du'as :D May Allah reward you too for trying to use your hands more and may they save you from the fire on THE DAY. XOXOX

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