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Catch Me If You Dare

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Browsing Amazon for Books about Muslims (and Muslim Women at that) I came across this rare gem recently published.  It's a Mystery Novel. Catch Me If You Dare. Check out the info about it.  What struck me is the cover the most.  I'm a sucker for all things red! As it's my favorite color. But I loved how the Title is inside the Hourglass instead of on top as most titles are.  It's making a good statement. Also following the website for it they offer a discount ebook coupon (link under header). NICE!

Here is brief synopsis: For the full version click on the site.

"The elusive Scarf Killer has struck three times. Post-it notes ’3 of 10′, ’4 of 10′ and ‘5 of 10’ have been found on the bodies of murdered and mutilated Muslim women. Phoenix PD task force cannot find a motive, or the first two victims. The killer leaves little evidence for forensics. The investigation is further hampered by the distrust of the Muslim community. With five more murders threatened, the PPD requests help from the FBI. The FBI sends Rainey Walker, their anthropology consultant and nationally recognized police sketch artist...... After receiving the killer’s blood smeared message, “Catch me if you dare”, Rainey knows time is running out for the next victim.

OOOOhhhhh *chills* sounds like a good books to curl up with! Just be sure to lock your door first ;)

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Back on the Clock

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It's been a crazy time in my life the past few months.  My husband has been out of work and money has always been tight but more so these last few months. You all know what a firm position I take on staying home with my kids and dealing with household tasks and Homeschooling my two kids.
Now things are flipped around and I got a job.

Alhamdulillah it's part time for now so I still have time for my kids when I get home.
But gosh how it's been tormenting me having to give up staying at home. I've been just unable to think about it for long without getting upset so I have just zoned out on writing one of my stories every spare second I get in the day to cope with not having to think about it.  It's much easier to deal with plot lines and character's issues than my own. I'm getting a lot written but still the day has come and in an hour I'm off to work.
I have many posts to make about the adventure I had getting a job but that will wait for another day.

My business suit is ironed, my pumps dusted (it's a country filled with sand, shoes always need dusting), and my new notepad and pens ready.
My husband will watch the kids for my six hour shifts until he gets a job, where then we will try to figure out another solution like a Nanny or DayCare without schooling involved. I'll have to fit in the homeschooling on my days off or after work.
It's a big change for our family and it's not without it's Price but I try to see life as an adventure and this is something new for sure. I'll just take it one day at a time.
At least with all this worry I may finish this novel :D
Where am I working? Well that will come in another post :D  I'll keep you updated!

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In an age where Muslims have to keep their heads down and their political views under wraps sometimes we read news pieces that just make up pick up our heads a little bit and find a way to talk more about things that interest us.

I just read this news report on "Between Two Worlds" about Israel gearing up to go to war with Lebanon/Syria/Iran THIS SUMMER! Possibly backed by US forces.

Oh how my heart clenches and how Terror strikes fear deep in my gut. My beautiful "home away from home" of Lebanon, a land of rich culture, beautiful scenery from shore to mountain top. My piece of the Mediterranean. Ready once again to be blasted. To have thousands of civilians killed on our side while if ONE civilian is killed on THEIR side, it is a crime most heinous. I don't want this report to come true, yet I'm seeing the pieces fall into place already.

I am writing a novel featuring UAE-Iranian Political matters, a work of Fiction, yet based on my observations of real life. I closely follow the Politics of the region and have my personal speculations about how things will turn with certain rising powers. But I try to keep all that off blogland for the safety of my family.

But I'm really wondering with this possible war: Will US really be involved in another Middle East War? Will Barak really blah blah blah the political jargon needed to appease American's minds that killing innocent civilians is good for their interests.  Will Lebanon's Army be brave enough and strong enough to actually retaliate against Israel? Or will it be up to Hezbollah to save their bottoms again.

How quickly at the end of 2006 War (which i was there for some of it, and the rest, there in heart) they praised Hezbollah and called them their savior. Then when things settle back down into internal politics they are once again a threat to peace.  I'm not sure Lebanon can have it both ways. They want Hezbollah to be strong to save them in case Israel wants to play war games, but they don't want it to be strong fearing the Western Powers wont let them rise up.  For USA, Lebanon is it's ally and foe.

I really don't want to see another War this summer. I have family and friends there and I don't want to see harmed. I don't want their life thrown into chaos. Forced to run away if they are expats or hide out in unbombed territories. Lebanon has been gaining in it's economy and the lives of the citizens has slowly been improving. Another War could really set that back.

 One of my neighbors once said "Hariri will never let War touch Lebanon again." Overly optimistic? Or right on the button?  I guess only time will tell and the fate of Lebanon is up to Allah.  May He protect these nations from more War.

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Stuck in a Rut

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Imagine: Walking around in circles, moving yet going nowhere.  Or worse yet, stuck in a rut, unable to really do much at all.

Sometimes this happens in life where we are stuck in a situation that we cannot get out of.
Sometimes it involves family members, jobs, abuse, pain, weight, it could be almost any situation you feel stuck in.

It is these times our faith helps us and teaches us how to cope.
You continue to make du'a and Pray hard hoping for better times and the Mercy of Allah.
More than that though you really have to rely on Allah that He will get you out of this situation. No one really has control over life and it's events than HIM. That is real faith.

We all are tested and tried by God to improve ourselves and to give us the chance to help more than ourselves in the end.

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It's good to be outraged

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A fellow writer mentioned this site and her dismay at seeing these objects.  Clicking the link I too grew outraged and you should be too.
Nationaism put behind us and talking about these pictures not a symbol of Saudi or Iraq but the WORDS that are being used.

Words used:

SHAHADA - LA ILLAHA ILLA LAH MUHAMMADUR RASULLULLAH, There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger(Prophet) of Allah.

The items on display are shoes, Footballs (soccer ball), T-shirts, Skateboards, Bumper Stickers, and yes, even Dog's Clothing.
All bearing the words above.

Now starting with the shoes. Is it right to put the word for God on a shoe so that it steps in all sorts of filth and dirt and perhaps even gets kicked by other players as they have a game. IMagine a player does one of those awesome moves and does this flying kick in the air in Soccer and then lands hard dragging his shoes through the mud as he falls.... yeah lets smear mud across the name of ALLAH!!! NOOOO!!!!!!

Would the same poeple buying these shoes go up to a masjid and smear mud across a sign saying Shahada!!!

Moving onto the soccer ball. Again is it right to smash your foot or other appedages into the words of Shahada that incude our beloved Prophet and the name of our More Beloved God? NOOOOOO!!!!

Now T-shirts, come on, you might say, T-shirts are harmless!  Are they now? Where do you go with a t-shirt? At somepoint after eating and drinking fluids all day you're going to have to relieve yourself in a bathroom.  Unless your willing to take off your shirt and flip it inside out or fold it nicely and hide it from sight then you're going to be entering the bathroom with words of Allah and Muhammad on your clothes.  All clothes: hats, shoes, shirts, pants.  Even jewelry! If it says Muhammad or Allah on it, it should not enter a bathroom.  It is disrespectful.  Those that wear necklaces always tuck them into their shirts or hijabs so they aren't displayed.  What would you do with your clothes?

Skateboards! I dont know if you've seen much skateboarding but I have. The board is repeatedly slammed across railings, steps, dirty streets, not to mention the feet always stepping on it. Here the sacred words are written to be used in such manners.  And have you seen boards that have been used fo a long time? They get roughed up and worn off so imagine these boards in like 5 years from now how messed up they'd be from use.  Should we tatter up the most beautiful words? NOOOO!!!!

Also with Bumper Stickers, OK if you wanna use the stickers in a proper way in your house for your kids to learn from and for decorating the hosue these would be awesome for that but what do they call them? Car Bumper Stickers! As in stick them on the front or back of your car where most cars bump (hense the name Bumper) into each other leaving the chance for it to get mangled or dirtied quite probable.  What if you put it someplace safe though like a window on a car? I see stickers with Masha'Allah on them all the time on cars here reminding people not to give their cars the evil eye. But still what if something happens to your car and you're responsable for the damage of such precious words?

Moving on to dog's clothes: Yes dogs are allowed in Islam under certain conditions, but their saliva is deemed as impure.  To cleanse yourself of the impurity you must wash your hands 7 times with water and the first time must contain dirt. So sticking a clothing on a dog is a bad bad idea. What if it irritates him and he turns to lick it or bite at it? What if he's playing and rolls over on it sticking the words of Allah and Muhammad onto the dirt? What if God forbids, another Dog comes over to him and pees on him? Or licks him? What if the dog licks himself and then licks his clothes?!?!?!  NOOOO!!!!!!

BAD IDEAS People to buy these things.  BAD IDEAS product makers. I know you're trying to be COOL and all and offer Nationalistic things for people in the region but take into consideration all the protesting done by Muslims for other offensive things and learn from it.

Go to these sites and Protest, where you can, for their removal and get the companies not to sell them.

Protect your Religion from the Disrespect ignorant poeple wish to do to it.

Support Earth Hour March 26, 8:30pm, Turn Off Your Lights!

Earth Hour - Proudly Committed