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Back on the Clock

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It's been a crazy time in my life the past few months.  My husband has been out of work and money has always been tight but more so these last few months. You all know what a firm position I take on staying home with my kids and dealing with household tasks and Homeschooling my two kids.
Now things are flipped around and I got a job.

Alhamdulillah it's part time for now so I still have time for my kids when I get home.
But gosh how it's been tormenting me having to give up staying at home. I've been just unable to think about it for long without getting upset so I have just zoned out on writing one of my stories every spare second I get in the day to cope with not having to think about it.  It's much easier to deal with plot lines and character's issues than my own. I'm getting a lot written but still the day has come and in an hour I'm off to work.
I have many posts to make about the adventure I had getting a job but that will wait for another day.

My business suit is ironed, my pumps dusted (it's a country filled with sand, shoes always need dusting), and my new notepad and pens ready.
My husband will watch the kids for my six hour shifts until he gets a job, where then we will try to figure out another solution like a Nanny or DayCare without schooling involved. I'll have to fit in the homeschooling on my days off or after work.
It's a big change for our family and it's not without it's Price but I try to see life as an adventure and this is something new for sure. I'll just take it one day at a time.
At least with all this worry I may finish this novel :D
Where am I working? Well that will come in another post :D  I'll keep you updated!

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MOM from Tucson said...

Any change in your life can cause you to worry about your children while you are not with them. But rest assure that your husband and your children are given an opportunity that many never get.
Just try you best at your job and what you think are your other obligations or responsibilities are. Just know you are working for your family, and possibly yourself.


Clever Foxy said...

You seem stressed, but I am actually happy for you. I hope everything will work out great for you.

always in the kitchen said...

Hang in there! Sorry to hear the recessions hitting your part of the world too.
I never thought I'd have to give up homeschooling but things work out.....God is good.

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