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Poem: Women's Silent Tears

Wrote: American Muslima Writer |

Women's Silent Tears

How many tears have been shed,
because of few words said,
by voices low and deep,

how many more must weep,
withhold them, they cannot keep,
down faces very pale,

through grief; the silent wail,
battling emotions, they fail,
yet inside they harden,

though they beg for pardon,
hearts locked up by wardens,
who really has the key?

A lioness all will see,
selflessly, protects her family,
yet inside a mouse,

rocking numbly in her house,
always pining for her spouse,
those escaping little tears,

exposing all her fears,
subjecting her to jeers,
but her soul's strong,

though they do her wrong,
she'll bite her willing tongue,
bottled in her head.

Many more tears shed,
ringing her eyes with dread,
underneath they simmer,

resolving with a glimmer,
blurring smiles with a shimmer,
they fall without sound,

fresh throughout the rounds,
pacing the same ground,
so soft she was made,

but, she must stand brave,
his mercy does she crave,
Women's silent tears.

~(c) Brandy A. Chase -2009
~[do not reprint without permission]

4 intelligent thoughts:

Lisa said...

This poem was so helpful to my mood today Brandy. You write beautifully.

American Muslima Writer said...

thanks Lisa, it was helpful to mine too to get it off my chest. Now when I feel liek this again I have something to go and reflect on more deeply.

It's funny we are on at the same time *again*

Hanifah said...

I like this one very much Brandy. Kind of like an ode to all the tears we women cry.

Anonymous said...

See brandy i told u u gonna get more comments u said " no no thats it one comment". Always listen to ur husband :)

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