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JSIH Jannah Standards International Homeschool Blog is up and running now YAY Man I didn't knwo it'd be so fun blogging about school lol. i finally got some pictures uploaded hehehe.
You know this annoucement just might keep repeating itself until I get more than one visitor :p lol..... thanks Confusion for being there for me ! :D

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o0UmmHasan0o said...

salam alaykum sis, i love your home schooling blog, i am now a dedicated follower,i am hoping to get some tips for when i start home schooling my own little darlings insha'Allah. For some reason i could not seem to comment on the blog.. maybe my browser was acting up.. just thought i would let you know..

ilka said...

asalamu alaykum

mashAllah, good job on the website! I like the bright colors of the room and all the educational posters. school should be a home away from home for kids and that room has a cozy feeling.

it's great that you homeschool your kids....wish i had the patience for that:).

American Muslima Writer said...

Umm Hasan, thanks for the love!
Awesome you will homeschool too. Check out the great homeschooling bloggers I've managed to add so far under ALL MUSLIMAH site for even more ideas! Eek I dunno why you can't comment....hmmm I checked and don't see anything wrong. Maybe I need to make a test comment ? hmm I will check it out tomorrow you know after I peel my eyes from the screen (it's 3am).

ilka: thanks dear! Aww everyone really could homeschool if they just set up a few thing even if it's part time after reg. school if they have jobs and such. The most imporatant thing is to just give quality educational time with your kids and let them know they are loved and to educate them. Insha'Allah you are already doing that much :D. Children are so precious. And beleive me I sometimes have no patience but the good days come with the bad and vice versa ;)

Aww I'm glad it loks cozy, sometimes I wonder if it's too crowded or too sterile lol.

American Muslima Writer said...

ARG I'm sooo upset this wonderful background is not letting a comment form show up and I don't knwo what to do about it. Any Technical people out there know what I shoudl do? Is there something wrong withthe code. I tried Jummah Resolutions tooa dn the comment form isn't working TOO! ARG!!! WHat am I gonna do!!?!?!

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