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Mix Silver and Gold?

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How many times have we heard the statement "Do not mix Silver with Gold?"

I heard it a lot from my mother and my grandmother which they would say as a general rule. But being the rebellious type I always mixed them and I found them to be lovely together!

Sure some days I prefer Gold
Other days I feel Silvery
But on the most part a piece catches my eye when it has both. Most of my watches always have silver and gold on them, which is great because then they match whatever else jewelry I wear.

Some people's skin tones though aren't great with one of these colors. My mom would always buy these mega mix of gold earings and silver earings. She'd take all the gold claiming her skin tone can't handle silvers.
My other friend Amanda is opposite, she loves the silvers and whenever I got her cast offs I would have awesome new silver to wear. I guess I have one of those complextions that do well in both.

I do love walking past the jewelry section of the malls and fog up the glass as I check out those increadibly expensive pieces. I usually bring a rag to catch the drool though. I've seen some truly talented artist here in the Middle East and I wish I was able to get more jewels. Of course wearing hijab no one sees my jewels anyways so I tend not to wear them as much. Pre-Hijabi days I used to not leave the house unless I had my earings, necklace, matching braclet, and 3 to 5 rings on. Now I wear Jewels only for special occassions like E'id or such. My in-laws are like WOW I had forgotten that you OWN jewelry. :D

So what do you think about mixing silvers and golds?
Does it work for you or do you have to stick to one?

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أم ترافيس said...

Well I dont like ti if people are mixing some silver rings with gold bracelets, for example, it looks weird to me... but Im quite anal about matching... on the other hand, in the SAME piece or set, mixing is ok - in colour - like white and yellow gold.. I usually wear a mix gold necklace and earring, very small however, and I cant stand rings anymore.. but in the past of course it has to match :)

Lisa said...

My dream would be a huge aquamarine diamond! A girl can dream :)

I have a platinum wedding ring, so I think I'd stick to silver.

I do love the gold on it's own, especially the jewelry from the Arab world. The problem is I always feel it's all wrong on my skin which is extremely pale white.

Yasmin said...

I heard the secret to wearing both is that you break it up meaning if ur wearing a gold ring, don't wear a silver bracelet on the same arm, put on the other arm. Or if your wearing a gold bracelet, then its okay to wear a gold necklace. I dont normally wear both but I think they both look nice on me. Im the same I have gold days and I have my silver days. For the past few months Ive been feeling golden lol.

Adventurous Ammena said...

interesting.. I dont have this 'dont mix' thing but I tend to not really wear silver.. I dont like how the mixed look looks and I cant wear silver in piercings cause it causes problems. So I have gold in them which isnt really a prob in hijab cause u dont see em ;) but Ive recently been in jobs that I had to remove all jewelery so Ive sort of gotten used to wearing nothing

Habayeb said...

I used to hate gold until my eyes fell on Arab jewellery..especially the one for which Nancy Ajram poses. I love silver too. But no i dont wear them together although if its already designed that way. I have tried wearing them together once and yep they suit moi :D

Hanifah said...

I don't think yellow gold compliments my skine tone much. I have just 2 pieces I wear all the time. My diamond solitaire wedding ring and a silver rollo bracelet that has a small heart charm. I used to love to mix and match silver and golds when I was younger.

Anisah said...

the heck with gold or silver, gimme diamonds lol

The Inquisitive Akka said...

And what is your view on platinum? :-) I bought a platinum chain and my mother looked at it and said "Why on earth are you wearing stainless steel! " :-)

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