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New Blog: Jummah Resolutions

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We all have need to improve our deen in Islam. We need to work hard to encourage each other and this is why after reading about a private group that S for Sadia is part of, and reading many people wishing and pinning to join them [which they can't because it wouldn't be private], that I decided it might be good idea to start something like their group but online.
I know that I myself need lots of encouragement and I can't always find that with my real life friends. Sometimes we feel too shy or nervous to admit we have a problem. So I'm offering this blog to help not only myself but other brothers and sisters out there who may find they need help.
Discouraging or hateful replies to anyone striving to have a Jummah Resolution will be deleted and if the same person continues to bother everyone they will be no longer accepted on this blog. It's not a place for politics and religious debate. Just for encouraging others.

Although I haven't completed all the post topics you're free to start placing comments on the subjects. (I still want to add quotes and texts, and pictures and such).
Most important is have fun and enjoy encouraging others! Any suggestions of topics or such please feel free to e-mail me .
Salam to all.

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Francesca Najea Lujan said...

As-salaamu-alaikum Sister Amerikkiyaa,
That's a beautiful idea. Perhaps you could invite your members to suggest khutbahs and lectures from their favorite scholars and you could then all take notes and discuss the highlihts of them afterwards. Whatever you do, I'd love to be apart of it.
Fi Iman Ilah,

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