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Welcome to Jummah Resolutions!

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This blog is for eveyone who needs support and help in completing their Religious Obligations and those who are striving to do more but need someplace to receive encouragement in their efforts.
Do you have a new Sunnah you are taking up? Come make a note of it! Maybe there are others out there who are trying what you are too. If not we sure will encourage you to keep going!
Are you having a general bad day and just need to shout about it for a second? Even Anonymously? Come have at it!
Jummah (Friday) is the blessed day so turn your intentions higher and make a new resolution to firm up your daily and weekly habits! Then come back here and tell us how you did. No need to worry about failure here. We all are striving for the sake of Allah.

People say:
"I just want to scream today!"
"Why can't I just do it!"
"Yay! I did my third week in a row!"
"I resolve to pray!"

So come say what your Jummah Resolution is!

Just pick a topic in the list! Then comment Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or even every minute if you're extremely in need of support :) .
All are welcome, just keep it clean.

6 intelligent thoughts:

Al-Ghariba - The Stranger said...

Assalamu alaikum wr wb,

A good and simple blog about the basics. Nice work sister. I will refer any new muslims I meet to check it out. And also a good reference tool. Jazaakm Allah khair

Al-Ghariba - The Stranger said...

Put something up for leaving music. That is a big problem here.

Lisa said...

Leaving music is a great one! Also how about a resolution for over or in my case undereating? Almost an addiction in itself! I resolve to pray Isha tonight and think of you my sweet Brandy!

American Muslima Writer said...

The Stanger, thanks, for your comment!
I do have this category of leaving music, scroll down a bit on the posts and you'll see it! (still working ont he graphics and such but jsut wanted to get the deatils outthere for people to comment on insha'Allah!

American Muslima Writer said...

Thank you Yasemin/Lisa for your comment!

I will see if I can work in an area for Moderation of Food and eating Habits. Insha'Allah with links and quote about proper Islamic Ettiquete.

I'm happy to hear you wanting to pray Isha. Insha'Allah it will be rewarded greatly.

Melissa said...

I just found this. What a lovely idea sister. about the importance of the sunnah prayers that follow/precede the 5 daily prayers.

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