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Look very carefully at these women. We all are somewhere in this timeline. We all know females at many points in this timeline. Our daughters, our friends, ourselves, our aunts, our mothers, our grandmothers.
Many times we forget what we have gone through and how much more we might still have to come. When we were children time was so slow. The thought of going from 9 years old to 10 was a big deal. Oh how that year would creep by before we could officially be in the double digits. Then came those pesky hormonal years of he said, she said, drama. Then just as you get comfortable with yourself you add others to your journey, husbands and children. Then we enter the prime of our life where we are at our peak beauty and physical abilities. We continue to grow as a woman and mature in our minds. Somehow at this point old doesn't really seem so old. We feel free to try new things realizing perhaps time will soon be in short supply. We grow further in years and wisdom and try to impart it to others. People take us less seriously as they enter their prime but with age comes grace to sit quietly and knowingly as they search for their path. As we near the end of our path many of us will have regrets but many will have found peace.
To all women no matter your age, I wish you serenity and peace.

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Cecilia said...

this is very true :)

Habayeb said...

awww brilliant post hon! i sincerely pray for jannah coz then i can stay young foreverrrrr...even at the age i am at now i feel soooooo olddddddd :(.
That baby in the 1st pic is choo chweet masha'allah. Anyway peace n serenity to u too darling!

Lisa said...

I loved this post! I would have never thought of this. I liked how you included women from all walks of life. Let's pray that we have peace at the end Brandy.

Anisah said...

I'm 39 and 7 and a half months pregnant.. I feel my age now !! lol

Anonymous said...

Beautiful piece. You are a gifted writer mashallah.

PS. Have you ever considered submitting something to ?

All the best.

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