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Media Freak Show

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It annoys me day after day when I check headlines to see the same stories over and over for weeks at a time. Every small angle must be broadcast repeatedly on every news channel and organizations and a thousand interview shows. GET OVER IT!!! PULEEEZE!
This woman that had 8 babies octuplets, ok so she had eight babies! So she had six previously! maybe she just likes big families. Can't you just announce "Woman has 8 babies, congratulations!" and GET OVER IT!!!!? Noooooo, they have to bombard her house and get her mother to explode and say things she'll probably later regret on national and international news. Ummm doesn't this woman have 8 newborns to deal with!?!?!? And six other kids?!?! I don't think she has time or energy to be touring networks!
This is not just her story either. This is Media in general these days. Just disgusting really. And with sooo many channels these days there are thousands of news medias! Someone breaks out with a news story that no one else has angled and BAM all the others take it up as some kind of freak show to be displayed proudly before mind-numbed viewers. And it is mind-numbing! I felt my IQ slipping watching the same piece of news played out into oblivion as everyone had to add their two cents and new questions... an example:
CNN will feature a headline, minutes later they have an update, then they set aside a half an hour special about it with critics and "know it alls" in the media, then the news reporters all feature it on their segments (all still on CNN mind you), and then bloody Larry King has an hour special about it, by the end of which i switch the channel to find it all happening all over on MSNBC or such and by then i want to rip my hair out of my numbed mind and beat the TV with a 2x4!
It is NOT that interesting! It's not THAT critical! GET OVER IT! A one minute headline and clip will suffice! Why must news medias play a story to death! Take it online or something if you want to explore it in depth but PULEEZE stop throwing it in my face every five minutes when I want to find out some REAL news!

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Michelle said...

I hear you Brandy...

I think what bothers us in the US about this woman is that she has 14 kids without a father willingly, has no Job, and lives off of welfare. With the economy in the state its in, this is NO time to elect to have 14 kids on taxpayer money by choice.

But yeah, you should've seen Cnn on Inauguration Day!!! Take that back, you shouldn't have hehe.

Lisa said...


I was relieved to learn that it looks like octuplet mom is an Iraqi Christian. I was having a hard time understanding a Muslim using a sperm donor with all of the kids, when the media said her dad was a contractor in Iraq with last name Daoud.

What about the ridiculous Caylee Anthony story? I just hope you don't have Nancy Grace over there somehow, dear sister. This is worse than the Natalee Holloway debacle, which was so annoying and endless!

How about those BREAKING NEWS crawls that have been with us since 9-11? Most of the time, the breaking news can wait. Who cares if Obama just had a town hall meeting!

Brandy, I'm glad your not here. I'm kind of wondering what I'm really paying Time Warner Cable for.

Hanifah said...

Agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have not owned a television set for six years and aside from the sleeze on tv this is the other reason my hubby and I swore off tv. Do we want our children being exposed to all this? It's rediculous to see any media bringing in experts and taking the moral high ground on any issue because there is no genuine intent. It's just endless conjecture. The media spin has spun-out of control.

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Brandy:

Like the Miracle on the Hudson story!!!

I guess we all need some diversions given all of the insanity in the world.

ilka said...

asalamu alaykum

i was thinking the same thing...different news channels report on the same stories...what is the point? but i have to say i am intrigued by this octo mom. i am struggling with just 2 kids.

mummyjaan said...

"Why must news medias play a story to death!"

I know! My sentiments exactly!

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