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Obligatory Prayers (Salaah Fard)

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5 Daily Prayers
Fajr, Thuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Ishaa, *Witr

People in this area are resolving to do their five obligatory prayers daily:
  • Pray on Time (after Athan)
  • Pray before time ends
  • Avoid Missing Prayers
  • Trying to remember to do a specific prayer (ex: Fajr)
  • *Adding the Witr Prayer (for Hanafi Schools of Thought)
  • Learning about the conditions of Purity and Wudu
  • Learning the Obligations in Prayers
  • Trying to teach their Children or Relatives to Pray
  • Wanting more spirituality (nearness to Allah) in Prayer (khooshu)
Whether you are missing prayers or have just learned to pray or have just become Muslim and don't know the first thing about Prayers come share your resolutions about Prayer.

People say:

"I want to stop sleeping through Fajr"
"I want to think about Allah during Prayer not my sandwich"
"My Jummah Resolution is to not miss any of the 5 prayers for 40 days straight"
"I don't want to miss even one prayer in a day

What do you have to say?

1 intelligent thoughts:

American Muslima Writer said...

My Jummah Resolution is to work on increasing my faith so that I don't miss any prayers this week.
Sometimes when faith Imaan is low it affects how we say and perform our prayers and unfortionatly this has always been a hard thing for me and I'm resolving to do better. may Allah make it easy for me.

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