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Hijabi Hair: Going under THERE...

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Those who don't wear hijab, those that are men and wonder, and those who do wear it and can sympathise, here is a post for you. What is going on with women's Hair under the hijab?
I have been wearing hijab for 8 years now alhamdulillah and have been in many kinds of places of differing weather conditions.
Before I start though remember this disclaimer:
I have different hair than many women, I have limited funds to do nice stuff with my hair at a Salon, I am personally against myself going to a Salon for something I CAN do in my house (again, I'm not against others going to Salons, just myself, yes I have ISSUES)but I will go for something I CANT do, and as I have children my needs may not reflect many other women.
*sigh* ok glad I got that part off my chest.

Now I have been super bored out of my mind for ages now with my hair.
I have done coloring, perms, crazy cuts over the years but nothing catches my interest for very long and it all begins and ends with one very important thing. The hijab AKA Veil of Modesty.
Disclaimer #2: I love my hijab, never will take it off, and my rant on hair has nothing to do with my belief that hijab is Fard, and is beneficial for all Women, Muslim or not.

Lets be honest: it totally messes up your hair! Lets start with the basics eh? When placing your hijab on you MUST do something with your hair. You have two options: up or down.

Let's go with down first. Either you leave it hanging down your back or you braid/plait it and let it hang. Depending on the length of your hijab and your hair either it can remain outside your abaya or under it. If the weather is HOT it will stick to your neck and back and create a rivulet of sweat trailing from your hair line down your spine to your bottom. If the weather is cold it might feel nice and keep your neck warm. Either way though when you take off your hijab it will be a frizzy mess unless you use a hair product against frizz. Along with helmets and hats, the hijab too will cause your hair to do amazing things that will most likely NOT flatter your features. Future spouses of hijabis be warned, give her a few minutes to make it look nice okay. Don't think this glamorous wave of hair will tumble down for you to run your hands'll catch your fingers in lots of knots and create more tangles.

So if you want to prevent tangles there is the other option of putting it up.
Now here is a great debate on how to put it up. You can use a claw clip to flip it up off your neck. You can braid it and fix it up somehow with clips or ties. Or you can do as most women do since the beginning of the Human Race, pull it up in a bun. Buns though come in dozens of styles. Some do a simple one, some to a wavy one, some do a floppy one. Some use special clips or ties, some even use flowers or clips that give the hijab a bump or puffy look in the back. For an explanation fatwa and discussion on the bump I refer you to Aalia's Chasing Jannah.

As this is my personal rant though I will tell you my personal style. I collect my hair back as if I'm making a pony tail then begin to spin it around tightly clockwise until I have a thin line of twisted hair then it naturally twists on itself and I wrap that twist around its self clockwise until I have a a swirly bun. I then secure it with a single medium sized scrunchy directly on the back of my head. Not on the nape of my neck and not up higher on the crown area. This keeps the hijab material away from my neck and doesn't look silly or make me hot.

The thing about me though is I wear my hair pretty much 24/7 like this. I have two young kids and the thought of them pulling my hair is enough to make me want to rip my hair out. ;) So I HAVE to keep it up. My hair being pulled or my hijab being tugged on is like nails on a chalkboard to me. So I always feel like a cliche librarian. Very dowdy and boring.

Even though the style is HARAM and I HATE it, you have to admit these Emirati girls with their bangs hanging out of their hijabs have interesting hair even when it is piled up in a bun or clip. So many different style you can do with bangs. Even when your hair is up 24/7 like mine you still got hair flipping about your face looking awesome and fashionable. I was determined to have bangs. So I informed my husband and he had his reservations about the idea of me chopping up my hair (again). I carefully combed my front hair around in different ways until I figured a style I wanted. *Snip Snip* Voila now I have bangs. YAY! Now yes, even with my hair severely tied back out of my way, I too can look fab.

Or so I thought until I left to the Mall last night and tried to squish them back into place under my hijab. Let me tell you about my hijab first. I wear an under cap of cotton that keeps my hair from slipping out and in hot weather soaks up any sweat that dares try to drip down my neck. Gross detail but true. Over that I wear a variety of regular hijab that cover properly. Well last night my bangs were refusing to be pushed back and kept trying to peep out and check out the world. I had to continuously push them back into place but they were sticking up funny under the hijab material and itching like crazy. I was miserable. I had to escape to the bathroom finally with my kids in tow to fix it all. I flattened them straight to the sides with a good quantity of water before tugging my cap back on and adding the top hijab. Seemed to work better.

When I fianlly got back home though, you guessed it I took my hijab off and it stood up on end like Edward Scissorhands was my stylist. I quickly scraped it down with my fingers until it looked decent. But I sighed frustrated. I wish I had glam hair like other sisters I see in their homes. Somehow, even though they have to stuff it up under hijab they still manage to look fab at home. I look like a cliche librarian with fab bangs, therefore I must have moved up the scale to McDonalds worker. You know how they look, buns and bangs....with a nifty McD's Visor.

So I come to you all for suggestions. How can you make your hair fab yet manageable even though you wear hijab? And not have it down for kids to grab and mangle. Is there a better, more glam , more fun way to put my hair up under the hijab and still let it be awesome when i take hijab off?

Do you have a trick or are you bored out of your mind too?

Some days I'd love to do what many women do and just get a pixie cut or cut it shorter then shoulder length. But I've had those styles before and they didn't ward off the boredom they were just easier to manage. I like my hair length and I want to keep it but I just want it to look awesome for once in my life. The only time I liked it was when i went to a wedding and had it perfect but then I had to wear a special protection around my hair so the hijab wouldn't mess it up and it made it look silly.

So again to clarify I want a look that does well without hijab on in the house, and a look for under the hijab so when I take it off it doesn't look aweful. Any ideas? Any bad hair stories? Any hair rants?

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My Dedicated Followers

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Masha'Allah, Masha'Allah, Masha'Allah
FINALLY after waiting years and eyeing my friend's follower lists muahahaha not with evil eyes just with "WOW Cool look at your numbers!"
I have passed 100 Followers mark. That means I need to get my butt in gear and get back to writing those quirky posts y'all love. ;)

I'm looking at that sidebar to the right and seeing the number of posts I've made each month... lol can you see in March that was my biggest posting. Then with the IWA STORY and POETRY contest in April I started slacking off, then in May when I was sooo busy trying to make more poetry and stories I was totally MIA!!!
Finally finisheing those projects and working on the art now I've been starting to re-coup my posting numbers lol.
Still haven't had time to get around to all these new bloggers and keep adding poeple to ALL MUSLIMAH, but still it's getting there!
I'm on the 3rd artwork out of six right now, I finished all the rough drafts of them now I have to go back and clean them up lots. BUt they are turning out just awesome really. I'm sooo happy. I KNOW you all are just drooling now to buy the books when they come out eh? BUt all that juicy info will have to wait for later.....LOL really I'm just excited as you are but Sabr, Patience my friends.
Well I'm off today to a going away party for a friend of mine who's leaving UAE for good :( Gotta get my kids and house ready and all that good stuff so just wanted to pop in for an update. You know now that I have so many of you out there who are Striving Hard just like me.

So Yay for me hitting the 100 mark and Yay for you for inspiring me to keep going on and on with blogging :D

Here's 10 honest things you never knew about me...
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1. I always knew I'd marry someone from the Mediterranean Sea area. I used to figure Spaniard or Italian man, heck even Greek, never figured I'd marry a Lebanese, but so glad I did.

2. I dream of seeing some part of the Arctic Sea from a European Country/Canada/Alaska/Greenland.

3. My heart is nomadic. I could totally live the gypsy/bedouin/sailor/world traveller's life. In fact I vote it should be an International Right that as we only have one life on this world we should be allowed to see it all. This is my ultimate dream in this life.

4. I want to be as famous an Author as J.K. Rowling and Danielle Steele. I wanna be on the front of a publication saying "Follow your dreams, they do come true."

5. I see myself as a person of many talents like a Renaissance Man, I try my hand at everything and see what pops up as roses and what pops up as weeds. If you're afraid to plant the seed or get your hands dirty you'll never find out what you can become.

6. I hate it when mothers say their children are boring to be with. I find it fascinating that every second they are learning something new that will effect their lives. That said, is it TRYING on the nerves to read Goodnight Moon for the 400th time in a row going on 237 days now.... or singing Wheels on the Bus repetitively with the same enthusiasm on the 400th song as you had on the 1st........ hehehe.... but worth it in the end when they finally say Goodnight or show the action for the Granny knitting on the bus....

7. I used to use barney targets at the shooting range with my family. Now you can hear me nearly daily saying "Hey Kids, Look Barney's on!!! YAY!!!!" So shooting Barney in the future will be a Crime Punishable by Death. The panel of Judges will be my children....
Presenting the Honorable Judge Mustapha-Lawrence

8. Johnny Depp is my favorite actor EVER. Seriously, not as in a crush. He's Brilliant! He's not afraid to be different where the world seems to seek "type casts" He always does the unusual and excels. No one will ever think of Pirates the same way without thinking of his role as the quirky Jack Sparrow. And you all KNOW how much I love Pirates... BUT..... My favorite role of his was that of Author James Barry in Finding Neverland..... which leads to the next ......

9. I HAVE a Neverland. I go there often. No one has ever joined me.... I doubt they ever will...

10. I love Masks. I think they are classically beautiful and there are nearly endless variations.
*11 BONUS: I have 160 e-mails waiting in my inbox waiting to be added to my All Muslimah Blog Directory.... the guilt eats away at me every day.... I promise I'm getting to you...

That is me

I tag:
(*ahem* and those waiting to be added to the list....)

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Jumping Religions & Marriages

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Yemeni/Israeli family had quite a shock learning their daughter abandoned her recent Jewish marriage by running away, becoming Muslim, and marrying the love of her life, a Muslim Man.

Jumping Religions and Marriages

ALLAHU AKBAR!!!! May Allah bless their family and make their marriage strong.

Here's the full story: Jewish girl defies family, embraces Islam and marries a Muslim.

I don't think it was written VERY coherently but it does well enough to get the meaning of what happened, might have to read it twice though if you get confused, I did.

Makes me want to run off to Yemen myself and shake her hand.

Safiyyah (Shaalom 2 Salaam) I smiled when I saw this title and thought of you.


Long title short: I met Aalia last week!

Get some popcorn and come back, I'll wait, settle yourself comfortably.

After a crazy hecktic week of trying to finish my first final submitted art work for publication by the first deadline (YAY!) AND weaning my son before the 10th of July when he turned two LUNAR years, and staying cooped up in the house, I needed a break. Hubby was going to Abu Dhabi on business and offered to drop me off someplace. WHooo Hoo I called up Aalia and told her the good news. We went back and forth for the next 24hours deciding how and where to meet. I prepared everything I'd need for the long trip (2 hours) there with squirmy kids... food, toys, blankets (cause my daughter freezes with the AC on and my husband burns with it off, an epic car battle for AC control), and something for me to do on the way up there if my dream comes true and they sleep. I pack it all and put it by the door, get everything prepared. I have a 11am appointment to be at Aalia's house for lunch. I was determined to get there on time! By 9am me the kids were up and dressed and ready to hit the road. Hubby was still in bed........... 0_o
"It's 9am! We are going to the car!" I say pointedly. Hubby gets on the ball then announces we can not possibly be seen in AbuDhabi in our dusty sand strewn minivan. He has to manually wash the car himself..... I'm fuming at my timings ruined. So we sat in the van watching him wash it. The kids were bouncing all over the seats. I wore a very nice blouse since I wanted to look nice in Aalia's home where I figured we'd have the chance to take off hijabs, even matched my amber jewelry to the glossy brown shirt. It was starting to get hot though.... I thought about changing but my next best shirt was in the laundry. :( And... i had taken all that time to coordinate my not-often-worn jewelry. Normally I only wear it on Eid now that I have kids lol.
Naturally he then has to shower and change into something for business.... so at 10am we left and on the way he had to make copies of paper work he had forgotten to do the day before. So I call Aalia to let her know we are running late and we have a big confrence about our Lunch Location. LOL everytime we'd solidify something and I'd put the phone back in my bag and reach around to feed the kids she'd call again and change it..LMAo and I'd be jugling juice boxes and sandwhiches and hunting for my phone in the diaper bag/backpack of doom. She'd then announce a change of plans...hahaha... but it was alright. Finally we firmed up on going to Marina Mall. It's on the far west tip of AbuDhabi past the Presidential Palace, on a jut of sand. I folded my map happy I knew how to easily get there. Me and my maps, let me tell you, are inseperatable.
An hour into the ride the kids nod off after fighting over the pillows and blankets. Knew I shoulda brought four instead of two, silly me thinking two children need ONE blanket apiece.... rediculous. I sigh happily, my motherly duties satisfied and pull out a Sci-fi book I took half an hour to choose last night. I start reading it and get no further than the 8th page then I notice Hubby looking bored.... ah, time for wifey duties. I check the page number for mentally bookmarking (I never use bookmarks subhanAllah) and then tuck it back into my bag.
I strike up a cheery convo to make the ride and drive more tolerable. Not that the view isn't awesome with massive sand dunes everywhere you look but they border the highway with large trees and small shrubs to make you forget you are actually in a desert.
The main topic we chose is my future business after I finish this publishing project. We threw ideas and plans around much like a G8 Summit. Some ideas more sound than others. Most ideas begining with the phrase, "Ok well IF we had a million dirhams, what could we do?" LOL.
Eventaully the buildings get closer together and then they start growing like some Iincreadible Hulk Movie. They go from being maximum two stories high to 20 or 40 stories high...(ok I exagerate as I havn't actaully been in the massive building's elevators to see a button floor count).... still that is a funny thing my Husband noticed the first time we left AbuDhabi, you can tell your way out of the city by following your way to shorter buildings. HAHAHA.
I call Aalia to tell her I'm on the edge of the city so she can get ready. Our monetary discusion by that time has turned Islamic and we are loudly discussing our opinions and that wakes the kids up hehheh. They stare in wide-eyed wonder at the tall buildings. Ya gotta love seeing the world through the eyes of children.
As we continue North West towards the Mall we pass the Presidential Palace and as my daughter is obsessed with Princeses and such, I tell her "Look at that Castle! It's a Palace! The President is like a King (early political education there eh?)" Her eyes were HUGE saucers of awe..... Awww.... ;)
Finally we get down to Marina Mall and park. Realizing in all my careful planning I forgot the stroller. Oh well, they just napped and could use the walk. So Hubby withdraws 100dhs ($27usd) for me telling me to spend it carefuly (IE... stretch it out). YAY! So he takes off to head back out across the city. I have just enough time to get my kids to the bathroom, do a diaper change and a quick hair brushing before Aalia phones she's there. I return to the main entrance with butterflies in my tummy..... oh wow! Gonna finally meet her! After years of online talking.
Then I can't find her.... What the heck? I look around the main front circle looking for a niqabi or full face veiled sister with a toddler. Finally in a sitting area between the escalators I spot a cute little Toddler and nearby a glamorous Emirati dressed looking woman sitting casually on a bench, but she looked nervous (body posture, as her face was covered). Ah that must be her. As I walk up she stands and we finally greet each other and we give a very long (and over due) real hug. I'm just thrilled. She coos over my kids hehehe and I coo over her adorable son masha'Allah. I do take a moment to study him. A beutiful mix of Canadian/Emirati. Emirati nose and features but a softness that comes purly from Aalia. Adorable for sure!
We head off slowly towards the cafe she's planned us to eat at. Slowly because my son is almost 2 and has short little legs and he dawdles looking at everything. I point out the haram statues of a pretty dolphin fountain, they ohh and awe over the rainbow lights and colors. ;)
We fianlly get there and I'm surprised it's the same cafe featured on the ramadan TV feature Khalik Cool (Stay Cool) where they stage pratical jokes on people. The man from that show was imported from Lebanon where he made it big doing the same pratical jokes on the streets of Lebanon. Anyways, I inform Aalia of this trivia hehehe.
There are THREE waitresses standing around cooing over the kids (especially Aalia son). Then comes the hard part of finding a table. The waterfall looks pretty but Aalia's knowledge surpasses that idea that it's a bad place to sit. We wind up at a long table, her son in a high chair and mine on the large chairs with a donut shaped back. There is a group of four Emirati men chilling behind where I was sitting and three groups of Emirati men upstairs able to look down at our table. I mention this because on Aalia's blog Chasing Jannah she often mentions how they harass her and in Al-Ain there just aren't as MANY sunglasses-IN-the-Mall wearing Emirati men so I never throught it was SO BAD, and they were EVERYWHERE. Everytime she barilly got to peep her face veil up a bit some goon would walk by. Eventaully the upstairs men left and we got to play Musical Chairs and switch her to the other side of the table so she could lift it up but every two minutes some dude would be walking up behind her past our table and I'd have to warn her. Those DUDES ARE SO ANNOYING.. ...GET A LIFE CREEPS!!!!
Meanwhile my son is having fun leaving his chair and bringing me table settings from other tables (unoccupied alhamdulillah) and that is majorly distracting me from ordering and trying to decide what I want. SO much yummy stuff! I don't even remember to look at prices!
We ate the shrimp rolls, oh wow are they ever tasty! Then club sandwhiches (which we only managed half and saved the rest for later cause they were massive!) The kids had these yummy pizzas with fries, my daughter ate the pizza, my son ate the fries. As another family cleared out I finally got a baby chair and forced my son, kicking and screaming, into it. Distracted him with the the delicious thick mango juice. It was so big me and my kids could share it. Afterwards the kid meal comes with ice cream so she split hers with her son and I spilt mine with my kids.
After we chit chatted here and there about things we got the bill. Whoops I had forgotten her post on the cafe saying average bill was 80 dhs or so, and sure enough split between us it was 85 dhs each.... lol I heard my Hubby's voice in my head saying to make the money last.... ah well, so much for good intentions lol. I paid my half and we walked on around the mall a bit.

Now as much as I love wandering around malls with my kids it was very weird for me this time. It has been THREE yes 3, years since I went browsing malls or chilling at malls with another sister. My typical Malling means I hit every child related shop where they can explore toys or if they knock something over it wont cause me to pay damages. I don't go to Clothes shops, I don't go to Jewelry shops, I don't go to Make-up Shops....I don't go anywhere that I used to before I had kids (in the plural). One child is easy to manage in these kinds of shops but two or more no thank you. You're asking for trouble. So most of me was longing to hang and check out girly things like shoes and purses and glam glam thank you mam stuff.... the other part of me was wanting to head directly for the nearest kid store where the kids could roam and I could manage to talk more with Aalia. But she needed to buy a gift so we went over to an Accessories store (Jewelry) and my kids saw all those shiney things and went nuts! I nearly had to break their wrists in my firm grip on thier hands. Everytime I'd get something out of my daughter's hands explaining we didn't have jack money to buy anything no matter how beautifully princess or fairy themed it looked, my son would be picking out a pair of purple ballarina shoes for himself or a lovely fluffy pink tiara.....the dangling multi colored necklaces were too much for his hands to resist too. I spent my entire time dealing with them that when i fianlly got around to where Aalia was I had time to only make one comment about awesome swirley earings before we left. I sighed exhausted from pulling the kids along. Aalia having wheels on her son (stroller) was able to walk faster and LOL she's always have to slow up to match pace with my son. Thus the title of this post that I'm chasing her ;)
Despite the awkwardness I felt in Malling with a Sister after so long I loved hanging out with her. She's so sweet and funny. As we passed the Starbucks I randomly commented on Iced coffee searching for a common like with her when she swirls my arm around. And I'm just shocked by her surprising strong grip, she looks so dainty in the Emirati clothes. She orders me to have a coffee on her. Still shocked by that strength, no wonder she can chase down street beggars!!! I followed her in and we ordered. My kids were tiring out by then and were thirsty but the water at Starbucks was 6 dirhams for a dinky little bottle!!!! The same size bottle in Al-AIn costs 1dhs and at Malls 2dhs. So I refrained from buying any until consumed by guilt with my kids begs for water I had to spend 5 of my last 15dhs on a bottle of water from a different cafe. They guzzled it down and poof it was gone! Later as we passed the same area Aalia wanted to rest and I had to fork over 6dhs for the Starbucks water as the kids were dying of thirst again. I tucked the water in my bag though so it would last longer if they didn't see it. I had three large full bottles of cold water in our van! The next day when I told my husband about the water prices he looks over the bottle and goes..."cause it's imported from SCOTLAND!!!" YA ALLAH!!! Ah well, six dirhams for a taste of my ancestors homeland I guess isn't so bad :p
We also stopped down stairs at the masjid to pray Thuhr. ARG my kids were so BADLY behaved I was embarrassed. They were taking all the prayer rugs and laying them out in all directions while I Prayed and then running in circles around them and my daughter was hopping from one to another like in her movie 12 dancing princess where they hop from stone to stone....UGH! I had a serious talk with her after folding all the carpets back up about Masjid behavior. We go over it many times but it never seems to sink in that she really shouldn't run around crazy in a masjid. Everytime I tell her the story I made up about a fictional girl being naughty in the masjid she says she'll never be like that, then enter a real masjid and poof, story forgotten...
By now Aalia's gone out of the masjid and I have to chase her down again hehehe. Finally as I stare around the mall wondering where she dissapeared to she pops up out of nowhere. LOL scared me a bit! We head back upstairs. By then it's 4pm and we are all tired and worn out. She calls for her ride and I call my Husband. He's not ready to pick me up until Maghrib. I'm stuck at this Mall with 4 dhs, a half bottle of water, and two tired kids......... Lovely Aalia graciously takes pity on me on me and invites me to go with her back to her house. Alhamdulillah cause I woulda had to resort to filling the water bottle from the bathroom sinks LOL. We have a wonderful chat on the way to her house. Finally we get inside out of the sticky humid heat of abu dhabi and I really was not happy with my blouse sticking to me. I will never wear it again there EVER! We break out the take-outs of the Club Sandwhiches and have a snack cause the kids are starving again. My kids eat or drink every hour it seems.
AND I KID YOU NOT, I HAD THE BEST TASTING FRESH LEMONADE EVER MADE IN THE WORLD!!!! I COULD NOT STOP DRINKING IT!!!!! Aalia you'd make a fortune getting that stuff bottled and selling it for 10dhs a piece. Hehehe. We had sooo much fun laughing at the kids. They were zooming around the living room an fighting over one large yellow lego piece. My kids were just happy to fianlly get to run around with him cause he was napping in the stroller in the mall about half way through. He was having mixed feelings about these kids running through his house and touching his toys. LOL he was getting agressive (jealous as most kids that age are when other kids enter their territory) which my son hates but it's ok it all worked out well and was completly understandable. I just felt bad cause Aalia wanted a nap but didn't want to be rude by going off to sleep so she stuck it out. LOL We just lounged around drinking lemonade and laughing at the kids who had all this amazing pent up energy! My daughter stopped to rest and struck up a long conversation with Aalia about movies lol.
From the window Aalia pointed out to me the famous beggar chase scene. It was hilarious imagining her running below through all the cars! Eventaully my husband called saying he was ready to get us so I got out my trusty map and guided him the way and then the sad part came where I had to bid Aalia goodbye. Aww her son was so upset. I was sad too, when would I get the chance to get back to Abu Dhabi and chill out again? Probably not anytime soon :( . With another warm hug and cheek kisses we left. Certainly a wonderful Sister, Aalia is. Cannot say enough good things about her.
When I got downstairs my husband was missing!!! He had gone off to pray while i was saying goodbyes. I had prayed Asr at her house so I didn't need to follow him to the masjid. What was up with people disspearing on me! Hehehe. I circled the building looking for our van. Finally I found it and loaded the kids in. When Hubby returned he said he was starving, kids said they were too. I was so full of lemonade I certainyl wasn't, so we went off to find the nearest McDonalds or other fast food. We finally found one and had a bite. The kids had so much fun playing in the tubes in the kid's playground. I can't belive they still had so much energy after running with Aalia's son!!! I ate an ice cream while they played. After all the lemonade i needed something creamy lol.
This McD's was FULL of asians. We were the only non asians in the place and for some reason half of them kept staring at us... so weird! One even slyly took my pic with her camera phone..... WTHECK!!! First Emirati men now asians? Do poeple in Abu Dhabi have a staring problem? I never get this in Al-Ain..... We finally hit the road again. After a half an hour the kids slept and I covered them with blankets and pulled open my book only to find Hubby getting sleepy at the wheel.... I looked at page 9 and closed it and struck up a convo about business again. We chatted all the way back to Al-Ain. The kids wanted to wake up and play...we put our foot down though cause we were so tired and went to sleep.
That was my crazy and wonderful trip to AbuDhabi and meeting the awesome Aalia.

Believe me this story could have been longer but I left out many details lol. It could have been shorter too like Aalia's version on her blog (look for the cute cat picture), but I wanted not only her to see what was in my head all day but for evryone to see what happens when two bloggers meet up. :D
Actaully it was hard sometimes to think of what to say because we already know the same old questions of past history because we have it on our blogs lol. But we had fun!

Love ya Aalia, can't wait to get to Abu Dhabi again or you come down to Al-Ain..... if you come don't forget the Lemonade k. ;)

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Ridding Ghosts?

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Long ago before I was Muslim I used to dabble a bit in Witchcraft with some of my friends.

My family and I moved in with my grandfather and I temporarily got to have the library as my room. There was nothing better than waking to a room stuffed with books everyday. But I had a lot of nightmares and scary feelings always in that room. Sometimes I'd wake up screaming. A few times I'd wake trying to scream but nothing would come out. Those were the worst.

Finally I was moved down the hall to the former office room (which used to belong to my Aunt when she was younger). It felt very peaceful and wonderful. I painted it a beautiful color of blue called Blue Flame with African Jewel Lavender trims. Pure relaxation. But when I'd walk down the long hall towards the green bathroom at the end, I'd have to pass the Library. A sudden dread out of nowhere would fill me and my hair would raise off my skin and I would get so scared and creeped out. If other people were around this wouldn't happen. If someone was sitting in there reading or something I never felt it. Only when it was empty.
Many nights I refused to go to the bathroom so I wouldn't have to pass that room. If the door was closed I didn't feel it, only when it was open and my family had a habit of leaving it open a crack at night.
When I badly had to go I'd creep slowly down the hall and glide along the wall furthest from the door until I could see if it was closed or not. Many nights that inky black crack glared out at me filling me with unknown dread. I do have an active imagination but this was different, I wasn't trying to imagine anything. I was purposely trying to clear my mind to enhance reality but it wouldn't help. There was something evil in that room.
I'd take a few breaths to steel myself then reach my hand closer and closer to the doorknob to pull it shut. Every inch seemed to be wanting me to be sucked back into that land of nightmares. Finally I'd manage to touch the cool knob and firmly shut it. But I could still feel it seething behind the door. I would quickly go to the bathroom then rush back to my peaceful room to sleep.
Eventually my Maternal Grandmother's health was deteriorating and it was decided she would move into my Paternal Grandfather's house with us. They emptied the floor of the Library to prepare for her to move in. I was horrified. I went to my favorite Wiccan (witchcraft) sites and was madly browsing how to rid the room of evil spirits. Finding the perfect solution I rummaged my room for the previous Halloween's 2 black tapered candles as the spell required. I knew they would come in handy when I bought them on a whim.

My family had gone out shopping to get her furniture then to pick her up. I entered the Library filled with sunlight but still felt the gloom of evil hanging around. I did not want that thing to effect my grandmother's health and give her nightmares too. I placed the two candles on both sides of the room and then lit them. I recited the opening spell and began to speak directly to the unwanted spirit.
I informed it as the spell required that it was no longer allowed to live here and had permission to leave and was banned from returning. (The spell said it more eloquently but I've forgotten the words now --alhamdulillah--). Then i finished the incantations and brought the lit candles together in the center of the room and on the last word of the spell blew them out together. I used my Gift for Feeling to test the room. It had gone. The spell had said either the spirit would leave the house through the walls out into the world to find another home or it would have been sucked into the candles and would remain therein until they were lit again. I felt the far wall and didn't feel anything odd. I picked up the candles and they seemed heavier than before. I felt a shudder holding them. I threw them on a shelf out of sight.
But it had seemed to work, the room felt happy and clear again. When my family returned and set up the room for my grandmother I was satisfied her health would not be effected by the room ever again.
The next day I took the candles to school in my backpack and showed them to my friends and explained SHORTLY what I had done. Jen (over at A Day in the Life of a Struggling Artist) said she'd take them. I warned her though never to lite them. Years later she said she did so I don't know what happened with that. Perhaps she can finish the tale for us here in comments...

Now I'm Muslim it's hard to know what to think about that. Was it a bad Jinn? Had it really left through the magic I had used? We Muslims do believe Magic exists but we are forbidden from using it and dealing with those who do as All Power comes from Allah. Many times after this I tried at night to go past the library and use my Gift of Feeling to test it but nothing ever felt bad again. I even tried imagining it but it didn't work.

Later when I met my Muslim Roommate and we were about to move into a new apartment she said she had learned we read certain ayahs from the Qur'an to protect the home from Jinn. We had her ex-husband come over and read the proper verses since we both weren't well versed in Qur'an. Also when I Feel something odd I always recite Qur'an now. If I wake from a bad dream I do the same. Oddly enough sometimes in my dreams I'm battling evil forces by loudly reciting qur'an and they are always shrinking back from the power of it and I wake feeling invigorated.
*UPDATE* -Jen finished the story of the Black Candles in the comments so check it out!!!

Have you ever experienced something like this? Let us know either through comments or link me on your blog.

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YAY!! I'm going to AbuDhabi today!! Lets see what mischief i can get up to there!
Gonna see lots of people insha'Allah!!!! XOXOX to all you readers, thnks for continuing to support me! Masha'Allah.

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Thank you very much whoever made this layout and exceeded their bandwidth... just messed up many of my blogs!!!! And I LOVED this template!!!! arG!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gotta find a new one NOW!

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People Tracker

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You know what I need?

A people tracker.

A machine that reminds me to get in touch with everyone I know.

So many times I think about someone and wish i had the time or money to call them or e-mail them and then something else comes up and I forget.

I wish I could enter their name and info and set a reminder, some people daily, others weekly, others monthly and so on. It's pathetic we are so out of touch with people these days. I just had a bizarre dream about my sister (in USA) and my other siblings who I have not seen or heard from since i left USA three years ago. Well one brother and I e-mail back and forth like every 4 months for a day or two... :p I woke up realizing that is pathetic. Three years, my own sister...I feel aweful. I e-mailed my brother I do have contact info for and begged him to track them down (as he's in the same city).

Then I came onto Blogger and saw Aalia's beautiful post about Friends and at the end how it sucks when we move and our friends don't keep in touch because you are out of sight-out of mind. Made me frustrated that many close friends from USA and then Lebanon have gently faded into the background of my life as distant memories. Facebook has helped a lot in getting back into their lives a bit but still... it's not the same as a heart to heart e-mail or phone call. Even people in the UAE I hardly see or talk to, even sadly people in the same city as me! Every month or so I try to mass text everyone just to keep fresh in their minds (and mine). Still I wish I could visit them and have some tea and really CHAT. One short phone call or message from poeple I haven't heard from in a while always brightenes my day for a while.

So inventors out there please invent a people tracker gizmo, just for me, pretty please!
Any of you guys out there forget to visit/call/e-mail people that you really do love but just forget about?

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