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Jumping Religions & Marriages

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Yemeni/Israeli family had quite a shock learning their daughter abandoned her recent Jewish marriage by running away, becoming Muslim, and marrying the love of her life, a Muslim Man.

Jumping Religions and Marriages

ALLAHU AKBAR!!!! May Allah bless their family and make their marriage strong.

Here's the full story: Jewish girl defies family, embraces Islam and marries a Muslim.

I don't think it was written VERY coherently but it does well enough to get the meaning of what happened, might have to read it twice though if you get confused, I did.

Makes me want to run off to Yemen myself and shake her hand.

Safiyyah (Shaalom 2 Salaam) I smiled when I saw this title and thought of you.


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Ms.Unique said...

Allahu Akbar .. Subhan Allah ... Masha Allah ... Am sooooooo happy for her :)

Safiyyah said...


Actually, I wouldn't be so quick to shake her hand or yell Allahu Akbar.

Islam does not permit a married woman of any religion to marry a Muslim man. A Muslim man cannot marry a married woman. She would have been lawful to the Muslim man (after her divorce) she loved even if she would have remained Jewish. Conversion to Islam does not negate her marriage.

The rabbi was correct in his statement:

"the new marriage violated the rules of all religions."

What the Yemeni court did was wrong. The politics of the region play a huge role in this story. Yeman has been expelling Jews who have lived there for 3,000 years, telling them to go to Israel.

Shame. What is it all coming too? Just like the recent stories about all of the church bombings in Iraq. National Geographic did a special about the disappearing Christians in the Middle East.

Islam commands that Muslims live peacefully with the People of the Book - and all other neighbors.

In my case, I was not a married woman when I met my Muslim husband and converted to Islam over a year later.

Safiyyah said...

PS - Did you see that story that Donald Trump's daughter converted to Judaism so she can marry her long-time Jewish boyfriend?

American Muslima Writer said...

Yes but when you convert to Islam and you are married to a Non-Muslim it is an Invalid marriage (because a Muslim WOman cannot marry a non-Muslim Man) and is nulified immediatly which is why so many women have trouble converting to Islam when they are already married, they will imediatly be divorced and their children will have to be split by the divorce if he does not convert quickly.... at least that is what I have understood from studying divorce and such, I don't knwo what Jewish laws say about if the Bride changes religions.

But still there was a lot of controversy.

You're right theres so much mixed up History. And I feel aweful everytime a church gets bombed in the Middle East it just gives them more fuel for the fire so to speak.

And no i hadn't heard that, wow, weird. Seems everyone jumps for something though....

Seems like in America These days parents are more tolorant for Jewish conversion than Muslim...

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Brandy:

Conversion to Islam does not automatically negate the marriage to the non Muslim. The non Muslim is given time to accept Islam (although in this case, she ran and married someone else).

When a woman becomes Muslim and her husband remains a non Muslim their marriage is suspended over the course of the iddah. If he embraces Islam, then their marriage is still valid and they do not need to make a new marriage contract. But if he remains a non Muslim, then she has a choice: she may either request an annulment in order to marry whomever she pleases, or she may wait and hope that he will become Muslim. However, it is not permissible for her in any of these cases to allow him to have sex with her. Conjugal relations between them cannot take place until he accepts Islam.

Zaynab (ra) the daughter of Allah's Messenger (saw) kept waiting for her husband, Al'Aas ibn Abi ar-Rabi, for a number of years before he finally became a Muslim. However, the Prophet (saw) told her "He must not approach you (in intimacy) for you are not permissible for him.

Above from Dr. Salah Al-Sawy, AMJA Permanent Fatwa Committee (this month's Al-Jumuah Magazine)

In this case, the Jewish girl fled her husband and married a second husband.

Thus the rabbi's statement that it is against both religions.

This is assuming that she waited 3 months before the Yemeni court annuled her marriage to the Jewish man.

American Muslima Writer said...

ARG, yes i was in the middle of typing the iddah thing then got cold shivers worried I was forgetting something.... and deleted it.... lol alhamdulillah you caught that :D

perfectly said hon.

Aalia of Abu Dhabi said...

Subhan Allah!!

Yasemin said...

Wow! Very good points on both sides. I have this amazing Orthdox Jewish friend Jessica Zalkin from high school. And I'm not sure if I'd have the heart to break the news to her if I had to admit her marriage wasn't valid like this one... But, I love everything Safiyyah said and May Allah lead us all to the truth. Ameen.

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