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People Tracker

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You know what I need?

A people tracker.

A machine that reminds me to get in touch with everyone I know.

So many times I think about someone and wish i had the time or money to call them or e-mail them and then something else comes up and I forget.

I wish I could enter their name and info and set a reminder, some people daily, others weekly, others monthly and so on. It's pathetic we are so out of touch with people these days. I just had a bizarre dream about my sister (in USA) and my other siblings who I have not seen or heard from since i left USA three years ago. Well one brother and I e-mail back and forth like every 4 months for a day or two... :p I woke up realizing that is pathetic. Three years, my own sister...I feel aweful. I e-mailed my brother I do have contact info for and begged him to track them down (as he's in the same city).

Then I came onto Blogger and saw Aalia's beautiful post about Friends and at the end how it sucks when we move and our friends don't keep in touch because you are out of sight-out of mind. Made me frustrated that many close friends from USA and then Lebanon have gently faded into the background of my life as distant memories. Facebook has helped a lot in getting back into their lives a bit but still... it's not the same as a heart to heart e-mail or phone call. Even people in the UAE I hardly see or talk to, even sadly people in the same city as me! Every month or so I try to mass text everyone just to keep fresh in their minds (and mine). Still I wish I could visit them and have some tea and really CHAT. One short phone call or message from poeple I haven't heard from in a while always brightenes my day for a while.

So inventors out there please invent a people tracker gizmo, just for me, pretty please!
Any of you guys out there forget to visit/call/e-mail people that you really do love but just forget about?

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hijabee said...

Well, you and me both lol. We live in the age of technology and information. However,despite all our means of communication, we still find it hard to keep in touch! People from previous centuries did not even have telephones but found ways to keep in touch! Makes you wonder.....

Lisa said...

I feel so terrible that you are far away from home habibty. Inshallah I pray that you can return soon for a visit at least.

I also wish I had a people tracker. Lately, I'm really behind in blogland on everything and in real life, I'm barely keeping up. I think a lot of people here are just too hot to go outside and actually meet up :)

Inshallah you will also get around to the things that I'm neglecting, but don't worry if you don't. We only have one life, and everyone back home would surely be happy to know that you are out in Abu Dhabi having a nice day. You absolutely deserve it! Love you.

Faith in Writing said...

I always forget to call people... I have people all over Australia from school and university and work and I just never seem to be able to call them when I remember to. Facebook is a good way to keep in touch though, I've found too. But still, it's not as personal as a phone conversation. I have dreams of driving around the country to visit everyone,but I know i'll never do it. I wish I had the money to.
If you find a people tracker, I want one!! :)

American Muslima Writer said...

Hijabee, yeah exactly, well there was always snail mail which didn't require an immediate answer in between replies. Also most family and neighbors lived in the same town so you could just visit good old days of walking.... (and those walking people wished they had e-mail ;) )

American Muslima Writer said...

Lisa, lol thanks hon. No matter where I am I'm far from those i love because I love poeple all over the world lol.
LOL everyone gets behind in blog visiting ! Ep when ppl like you and me have hundreds to visit and honestly care about each blogger... XOXOX to you for visiting me!

American Muslima Writer said...

LOL Faith, I'll definitly let you know hehehe.... so far all we got is the reminder option n phones, which we have to remeber to set up ;)

Yeah I'd so love to tour and see everyone like weekly! lol. May Allah make it easy for you.

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