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YAY!! I'm going to AbuDhabi today!! Lets see what mischief i can get up to there!
Gonna see lots of people insha'Allah!!!! XOXOX to all you readers, thnks for continuing to support me! Masha'Allah.

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Lisa said...

Love the new blog look habibty. You can also find lots of cute backgrounds at thecutestblogontheclock, hot bliggity blog, and jelly pages if you hate this one.

A few days ago, I arrived to comment on your blog, but it was disabled, perhaps due to the lack of space caused by photobucket. I figured I'd try again, and you know how that always turns out..Procrastination time.

Are you driving yourself over there? If so, hope you get to see Aalia if she hasn't gone to Canada yet! Sounds so fun and I'm sure the kids are excited about it.

Love you very much.

Faith in Writing said...

I LOOOOVE your new layout!! It's so clear and simpler than the other one. It's much easier to visit!!
xx Missed you. hope you have fun away.

Minty said...

Salam Sis, good to see you back, arhh and sorry about the blog layout.. i liked it also..

hey check your email insha'allah


American Muslima Writer said...

Thanks Lisa, arg I only like the background temp. til I can re-load the other one. Dumb picture limit :p

Yay I did see Aalia and will post on that soon!!! :D

Faith, LOL I don't iek this one but had no choice but to change it to this (or minima but that sucks). SOrry the other one is hard for you to load though. :(
MINTY, thanks for the e-mail hon!
Lol insha'Allah it'll be restored soon!

Anonymous said...

hahahahahhahaha I always remember watching the Garfield the Cat cartoon and how he was always mailing poor Nermal to AbuDhabi.... LOL hahahha

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