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Pious Women

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When we think of the word Piety and apply it to women, what image comes to mind? Perhaps something like the above picture? A simple beautiful woman with her hair covered by a flowing white veil. Hijab is surely not a new concept in any way shape or form. It has long been the custom of many eras and nations for upper class, religious, or pious women to cover their hair.

In Renaissance and Medieval times women wore elaborate caps and wires with their veils. Some very intricate and others more simple.

While these may be seen as more fashionable and not really piety minded but they are still wearing veils.

Classically when we think of piety so-called-pictures-of-the-virgin-Mary come to mind or art canvas of covered women or photos of bonnet capped women. All of these provide the same basic mindset about piety, a woman covering her head and mostly her chest.

Even our Sisters of the Book don veils of choice and by choice:


Catholic Christians:

Christian Nuns:

And the Amish:

Even Brides would not be picturesque without a Bridal Veil. Which was originally worn because ceremonies took place in churches or other highly regarded religious ceremonial places where it was known that respectable women cover their hair out of humility to their Creator.

Now we arrive last but not least to our Muslimahs. We don our veils not by force or by order from man but out of humbleness and piety towards our Creator. He wishes us veiled to preserve our inner dignity not as a form of oppression.

No matter the look or style or who exactly wear it, the veil is a blessing and a form of piety. It encourages one to look within instead of without for personal strength. It guides us to respect ourselves and for others to respect us as well. It is an outward sign that states: I am striving for piety and purity. I am striving to be a pious woman.

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Habayeb said...


Hanifah said...

mahsa'Allah, love this piece, love your blog...

Yasmeen said...

Beautiful,modesty is in covering up.

Safiyyah said...

As Salaamu Alaikum My Dear Friend and Sister:

Wonderful post and great images!

You know, it really makes me sad that these "other" women are seen as pious by many people, yet Muslimahs are seen as oppressed :(

Love you dear!

Amber said...

Lovely pictures, though that last one under Medieval/Renaissance is kind of intimidating.

More and more women are going back to covering as a part of their faith, which I think is wonderful!

Unfortunately, whether the women are Jewish, Christian or Muslim, there are some who will view such things as oppressive and demeaning. We just hear about it in regards to the Muslims more, I think, because it's such a 'popular' topic.

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Sis:

You have an award!

Ms.Unique said...

Absolutely correct ... Beautiful post .... Jazak Allah Khairan for sharing ... :)

Laura Jayne said...

What a lovely post.

Cecilia said...

I too wrote about this subject som time ago! I totally agree with you... but not everyone does!

Anisah said...

masha'allah..good blog !!

Anonymous said...

i like the way you believe. i like you. i like the way you trust Allah Talla.

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