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Alcohol Alternatives?

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Anyone who converted to Islam may have had a dabble or two with alcohol and might find it a hard part of Islam to deal with. But I want to show you the many alternatives there are to enjoy a taste that is similar yet still Halal. SURE its not exact but with a little imagination and a pleasant atmosphere I'm sure it will help when those normal cravings arise.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I had a BAD craving for White Zinfandel Wine. There was nothing I wanted more. But my next best thing I could make do with was to drink Cherry 7up.

It was Crisp, bubbly, and had a light flavor that was soothing. It was new to Lebanon and could only be found in Monoprix and Goodies. Luckily my husband was working stock in Goodies at the time and managed to keep me and the store well in stock! He'd keep me well up to date with the inventory number of Cherry 7up's left and assured me when they were down to two he'd buy those two just for me to have until they got the next shipment. Lovely man! I'd sip it slowly savoring the relaxing flavor. It helped I have some beautiful wine glasses from my collection to drink it in. All the more peaceful.

Now when you go to any Muslim Market Store or the Big stores in the Middle East you will find a variety of Malt beverages with 0% alcohol. I was surprised to see the brand name Budweiser.

What on earth was Bud doing making non-alcoholic drinks? The answer: making a whole lot of money in the middle east and around the world by catering to Muslim needs. BUT if you think hard about this you will realize that buying this Malt brand from Budweiser is something NOT RIGHT. You are still SUPPORTING an ALCOHOLIC COMPANY.

You are helping their profits rise so that they can continue on making REAL FULL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES for the world to consume. So I do NOT buy Budweiser's Malts. There are dozens of other brands. I suppose if you were in USA and at a BBQ with non-Muslims who were drinking Bud and pressuring you too also you could whip out a can of your Malts so only on close inspection would they know you're not really drinking but otherwise I don't see the need for it. (You shouldn't be drinking with alcoholic drinkers ANYWAYS)....

So there are some alternatives to Alcoholic drinks.

Feel like a Martini or Margaritas?

Try a Shirley Temple or Fruit Malt!

Shirley Temples are a classic. Much like Cherry 7up. No Alcohol, can order them anywhere in the world without anyone thinking you're weird.

Gotta craving for a cold one?

Try a malt!

Wanna relax out on the deck watching the sunset with a glass of wine or champagne?

Try Sparkling Apple Cider, Sparkling Grape Cider, Cherry 7up, Shirley Temples, or plain old grape juice (my favorite in desperate times of nerves needing soothing).

Throwing a party and want something pretty in the goblets?
Sparking Cider in Apple or Grape, malt beverages, and of course there are hundreds of awesome juice varieties to choose from.

So being Muslim and not having Alcohol doesn't need to hold you back from having a good time. Best of all with these alternatives there are no hangovers and you're sure to remember the past 12 hours ;)

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Sonia said...

After reading you post, I went out and bought a 12 pack diet cherry 7 Up...Yumm! I usually passionately dislike cherry flavored food and beverages, but this was very pleasant. Thanks!

iMuslimah said...

Assalamu alaykum,

I never liked alcohol. I do not understand the affinity people have for it's flavor, it tastes like poison.

When serving guests, I always like to have beautiful drinks on the table in beautiful glasses, that really quench thirst. Here are some of my tricks:

*One small dallop (melon ball size) of a fruity frozen sorbet in bottom of fluted glass. Add gingerale, a sprig of mint. Do not stir, you will get a realy funky graduated color in the glass.

*Old fashioned lemonade with a twist. Fill a large glass pitcher with ice, sliced lemons and strawberries, add juice of of a few lemons and sugar or a sugar substitute (I use splenda) fill with water and chill. Stir before serving. Let fruits and ice get into your guests glasses. Provide straws. Yummy.

*Tall slender glass filled with a few oz of crnaberry juice, then orgnae juice, then seltzer. Do not stir. Looks great, tastes very refreshing.

*My personal wuickie fave when craving soda (have to watch blood sugar).... Tall glass of ice, one packet of crystal light or 4C sugar free "single" then add seltzer. So yummy.

Be creative, fruit are our friends and can really complement a meal or a mood.

For desert drinks: I like to make yogurt milkshakes, or cream soda floats. For diet concsious peeps, use diet cream soda and frozen vanilla yogurt. People go nuts for these! If you have a blender the possibilites are endless.

*One last thing: I base my beveraged by what's on sale....real fruit juices are expensive. So I wait for the bargains.

*Lime is tasty too: Lime wedges, ice, selzter and cranberry juice is very nice.

Coconut milk and or cocnut nectar (from yhe young, green coconuts)are tasty- any one have any ideas??? Oh wait! Coconut goes hand in hand with pineapple or papaya!

Brandy- my creative monkeys are stirring.


American Muslima Writer said...

Sonia awesome! Glad you like it!

iMuslimah: lol what a commment! Love it!

I wanted to add more ideas for juices but there are sooo many and I was tired lol. Glad you chimed in with more ideas! YAY!
Definitly all of the ones you typed sound tasty! My fav is Pina~Colada! YUMMY!

Thanks so much!

Adventurous Ammena said...

love those ideas from imuslim.. have to say.. alcohol was one of the easiest things I gave up when becomin muslim, Ive never wanted for it since... (ill let ya know when im preg though) alhamdulillah

Cecilia said...

This has never been a problem for me. I do not miss alcohol at all, I have never really liked it anyway :)

o0UmmHasan0o said...

i love your blog so much...

come and choose an award!

Mrs. S said...

Big alcohol “alternatives” in the Arab-Muslim communities here in New York City are to serve Laziza or Bavaria. They both come in a variety of flavors and sizes and are at any corner store or Middle Eastern grocery. My husband loves them and thinks that they have a completely original flavor. They taste great and I love them in the summer, but they’re basically excessively carbonated ginger ales.

Nicole said...

I don't understand why we need an alternative to alcohol. I am happy without it and when I think back to those days I realize that the whole atmosphere that accompanied the drinks was also awful. I wouldn't want to be in that situation again. I can have a shirley temple, but I don't think of it as substituting for alcohol, it is just something to drink. Alhamdulillah.

Ms.Unique said...

Nice alternatives ... :)

American Muslima Writer said...

LMAO AMMENA. Hehe glad it's easy for you and I'll wait for your preg blog times It'll be interesting ;)

Cece! Good for you! Glad it's been something that doesn't trouble you!

Aww thanks Umm Hasan!!

American Muslima Writer said...

Mrs. S I agree but then again i love ginger ale lol.
Awesome you have good alternative selection there. SOunds liek they hit a money maker for sure!

Nicole alhamdulillah you've got a good head on your shoulders. Yes the drinking climate is aweful (and haram) a nd I'm glad you're not easily tempted by it.
All those situations that involve alcohol and fitna are soo messed up.

Thanks Ms. Unique!

Anonymous said...

My first post ! :)

Anonymous said...

My first post! :)

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