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World Through My Lens

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Those who have experienced Depression fully know the fog that envelopes the mind that lets nothing through with clarity and happiness. Everything is hazy. Not necessarily like you can't physically see but you can't mentally grasp what you see as well. You know it's a tree but you just don't care to look at it closely cause it's so darn far away and blurry. Other thing besides depression can color the way you see things.

Religion is one: This is my personal experience so feel free to disagree nicely but I'm just sharing. When I was first Christian I did see clearly but there were so many questions and problems I had where things didn't add up that I felt like my lens was cracked. Sure I could look at things clearly if I craned my head this way and that and ignored the cracks. But I'm a big picture person, the cracks were always there. I needed a new lens.

I found one in being Atheist. Everything added up. I could see everything amplified and the details were fully explained. I enjoyed this ability to look closely at the minute and depths of things. I was able to peer into the nooks and crannies. But soon my eyes became weary. There was something missing still. The big picture. What was missing was what was beyond the details. The things unseen at the edges that were not being magnified. I needed a new lens. After much searching and throwing of lenses I finally found a clear one.

I fitted on the lens of Islam, the religion of Peace and Unity. And found the clarity refreshing. You can see the whole and the small and all the colors. It feels "just right". No more cracks, No more fog.

Despite the clarity I found I have to fight another problem with my lenses. The problem of emotional clarity.

Strange emotions can easily cause you to think perhaps Islam is not clarity when in reality it is Satan (Shaytan) playing tricks with your color schemes -your emotions. Sometimes you feel sad yet not depressed and everything appears blue. When you work on over coming it by relaxing, problem solving, and renewing your faith in Allah.

Sometimes though our anger overwhelms us and we struggle seeing red not to blow our tops. We blame everyone else for our misfortunes instead of turning into ourselves for the answers. By calming down, again problem solving, and most important realizing Allah's Will and Plan extends to all, we can control what we get angry about. Seeing red is no fun for all involved.

What does someone do though when their ultimate resource of turning to Allah fails them? Not because He has failed them but because they have failed themselves in seeking and implementing proper faith. What can they do to boost their lens capacity to see the beautiful colors Allah has created again? How can someone increase their faith when they feel so low and unfaithful? This is something many of us especially converts/reverts go through. Constantly seeking answers to boost ourselves higher. The first resource is usually turning to our friends and family for support. Yet sometimes they don't understand us nor can we fully open up around them. Then we turn to strangers like on the internet through blogs, websites, and forums. Sometimes their suggestions help other times it seems to make us more lost because everyone has different takes and lenses they look through. We then turn to books for impartial knowledge. Yet someone wrote each of these books and they each had their lens. There is only one book in creation that I know of that has not been changed since it's completion by a source Most High. The Qur'an. Through which we can readjust our lens to match it's clarity. And lastly we tend to turn to Allah. In prayer and sacrifice we finally submit and bow our heads in humility and weep. Realizing this is where we should have turned in the first place. Pouring our hearts out to our Creator who has the actual Power to fix our lens. Who gave us our lens and has knowledge of all it's properties.

Though after your breakthrough you may think the world all rosy again and unable to take off your rosy lens but you must live in moderation. The sky IS blue not pink. Revel in your ability to see a clear blue sky for what it actually is. Without fog, cracks, and multi-colored hues.

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Ms.Unique said...

Masha Allah! what a splendid way of writing it ... Jazak Allah Khairan Brandy .... it felt so nice after reading this post :)

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

Just discovered your blog. I kinda wanna make you a new header. Do you mind?

American Muslima Writer said...

thanks Ms. Unique!

Lol welcome Perplxin Texan to my blog! Feel free to browse around! Awesome pic you have. A new header eh? Are you saying my handmade graphics sucks? Hehehe it's ok. Sure if it's free I'm open to any improvements :D Let the creativity Flow! It will be interesting to see what you might think. Yalla I'm off to check out your blog :)

Lisa said...


Quite arguably the best post I have ever read on your blog. This was so beautiful, so inspiring. I'm left speechless. The pictures especially of the children, just touched my heart so deeply. I pray that your fog and haze before Islam continues to remain lifted, and everything black and white. The shades of grey from shaytan seek only to confuse and complicate. I love you dear Brandy. What a pure heart and spirit that lives inside you. May Allah reward you. Ameen.

American Muslima Writer said...

Aww Yasemin (lisa) you always have such nice things to say really. I'm glad it has touched you deeply. Insha'Allah everyone's fogs and tints leave them and leave them with clarity. Ya RABB . AMIN.

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

yeah, I finished it.

You can check it out here.

And I'm a total fan of #3/4. They are even flikr worthy I would argue.

American Muslima Writer said...

Perplexin, thanks for this I left a comment about it on your blog.

Thanks for the vote!

UAE blocks Flickr, I've never been able to access it. Maybe they have removed the ban now? Does Flikr Buy pictures or jsut copies them?
*thinks cha-ching!*

Rubber said...

may ALlah love you
ur son is shooooo cute

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