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Crazy Nights

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The other night was just soo weird!

Thursday night the kids trashed the house (what I call it when they make huge messes for me to clean where you can hardly see the floor) and they took the bed half off to make a mattress slide. So inbetween watching cartoons they went mattress diving. Til 2am~! Then of course the next day Jummah Friday they were sooo sleepy. We had a lazy day cause I wasn't feeling good. That night we were supposed to go out to have some family time but Husband was tired. i was tired too beyond so. SO I just turned off all the lights int he house at 9am, forcing the kids to bed. Rajaa went down really fast but Mustapha who is used to regular bedtime at 11pm stayed up tossing and turning in the dark for 3 hours. (till 11pm.) then he fell asleep. Husband woke at 3am and so did I. So did Rajaa. ugh! So we stayed up a bit, I made oatmeal. Then we went back to sleep at 7am and woke at 8! We all got up and had some fun. Mustapha took an early nap at 11. And we all took another nap at 3:30. They are still sleeping now it's 6pm. I think tonight will be another late night arg! Wish I could get things re-shifted better. Insha'Allah!

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Ms.Unique said...

Masha Allah nice blog, like the design too ... hope to read more ... :)

Ms.Unique said...

Sorry to trouble U ... but pls can u explain to me hw to upload the template to my blog .... Jazak Allah Kahiran ....

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