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Jummah Resolutions

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There were at least 8 sisters who WISHed for "something like this" and said "if only..." Yet not one sister has put a resolution. Did I waste a good two weeks setting it up when I could have been doing puzzles with my children? I really thought more sisters wanted to encourage each other in islamic things and encourage non-muslims to become Muslim by learning about Islam and seeing what struggles we all deal with.

So what is it? Is it the colors? The way I wrote the content? The lack of OTHER people commenting and making those brave few first ones feel more vulnerable? Was it a bad idea?
I really thought about removing it.... just scrapping the whole thing. But what if one sister is looking for this and needing this and I prempted her chance to better herself.... it would be a shame. Plus I dunno it encourages me just looking at the topics it reminds me why I'm Muslim, what I believe in, How much I wanna be better.

Should I be the one posting my resolutions first to encourage others? Is that it? Are we all just a bunch of cowards sitting nervously behind our PCs afraid to speak up about what we are struggling with?

Is it the publicness of it? Do ya'll want it to be private? But I wanted it open for men, women, kids, and non-muslims...... I doubt they could benefit if they have to go throughthe chore of e-mailing me to be let in....

Please let me know... I'm a bit discouraged...

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Anonymous said...

What? What resolutions? link me up!

Anonymous said...

ok, found it. :)

Leslie said...

I just discovered your blog quite recently, so I've discovered your "Jummah Resolutions" even more recently - you know, as of like five minutes ago. :) I think it is a really wonderful idea and very good of you to put such a blog together, mash'Allah. I will ponder a resolution this morning... hope you don't mind my comments. :)

Lisa said...

I'm headed over there right now. Even after all this time, I only recently added all your blogs to my layout links. Love you so much and wish you well tonight dear one!

Safiyyah said...

Cowards? Ouch!

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