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Need your Help: Choose Best Picture!

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I'm making a new picture for my sidebar but I really can't choose which one would look the best. So I though why not let me beloved readers choose! You can either use the poll above for anonymous choosing or use the comment to let me know. OR BOTH! Just let me know either way. You have until March 15th. Then I'm going to choose the one with the highest votes.

By the way I'm not nationalistic in any way nor do I believe America is better than any other country in the world. When choosing a name for my blog I wanted something that reflected who I am. i AM an American. i AM Muslim. i AM a writer. So the flag is just a fun thing not something I take wholly seriously. So please don't get all uppity about it lol. It's just a fun thing to do.

So without further blathering... I present you the choices: (numbered for easy reference)

Thanks for voting!

20 intelligent thoughts:

Lisa said...

Number 1 or number 2, I can't make up my mind Brandy. I like that number 1 shows a clear American white skin under a cute niqaab. It also shows a sweet vulnerability. Number 2 shows the quietly brilliant and serious "Victoria Beckham" Brandy, and I like it too. It's almost like you should somehow include both.

Brandy, you are so, so beautiful. What pretty contempating eyes and soft skin. I looove your look! This is the ultimate proof that women are so much prettier without their make-up. Love you so much!

Lisa said...

Okay Omniquantism is a new one for me Brandy. I'm headed to Google :)

American Muslima Writer said...

Omniquantism from what I gathered is belief or theory that If there is a god it is in all things and within all religions so all religions are correct. SOmething to that effect.

Which i DO understand the beauty behind it BUT I do NOT agree with it. iT has fatal flaws that can be someone's undoing.
My personal opinion of course.

It's funny we are always on at the same time and alwyas commenting on each other's blog at the same time lol. I just finished at your blog to come to mine and here's your comment lol.

Aww thanks. I've been without make-up for so long it didn't even OCCUR to me to put it on before taking photos! Lol. Ick I hate my skin tones these days. i used to havea vanity of being a pure Ivory complexion but NOW after all that mediterainian sun (lol dont be TOO jealous) i got worse freckles and deeper skin tone down to light neutral. I was seriously pissed when i got back to USA and had to buy a different foundation because Ivory looked like chalk on me hehehe. Ahh my one vanity is GONE. Oh well.

EEEK! Victoria beckam! She has always been my fav! i always chose POSH SPICE. That's my style lol. Sleek sexy and edgy. Too bad I can't pull it off yet :p insha'Allah.
thanks for your vote and I'll think hard about a way. Well see if we have a tie for any pic.

Anonymous said...

as salam aleykoum
the number one is perfect masha allah

u look nice on the frist one on th second u like as if u are mad at the reader or angry

Susanne said...

I really love 4! One cannot miss the sparkle, smile, mischief of your face. The others are OK, too, but they seem to play a bit more into stereotypes of either Muslim women or Americans. Number 4 lets your personality out .. makes you seem HAPPY with who you are and whom you represent.

For some reason I also like #2 although it makes you seem defiant (the American side perhaps). You seem to be saying, "Don't mess with me."

# 4 says you are playful and fun and ... hmmmm, maybe it's too Western than Muslim. It's almost a bit flirty. ;-)

Anyway those are the words that came to mind when I saw your pictures. I didn't even recognize you because I am used to the other photo on this page (blue and white hijab.)

Sorry for being long-winded. I shall go vote for # 4 now! :-D

Cecilia said...

I think number 1 or number 8

Lisa said...

I was afraid to write this so as not to influence the vote, but no question I think it has to be one those two. The others are great though.

Brandy, you are feaking creative. Okay I never would have thought up an idea like that. Your husband is obviously a good sport to take these pics!

I am jealous because like sister Heather I'm way too white. Think of Anne Hathawy's skin with dirty blonde hair. I would kill for cute freckles like you!

I wonder if you'll get any Zoroastrian votes. Hopefully this isn't rigged like heck I'll just pick something unique!

Oh Brandy, your just beautiful. I love these pictures. Niqaab is a truly beautiful thing. in many ways it actually HIGHLIGHTS how pretty a girl really is. Your thoughtful eyes and brows I widh for. Love ya girl!

Hell Fire Furious Muslimah said...

Oh I like the serious in the 02. You don't wanna mess wit her ya know. And 04 looks great casue it shows your inner sparkle. But my choice is #3. Looks fashionable and still shows your personality. Though the 01 close up is pretty but i like 03. Final vote.

Finaly I get to your blog. Been meaning to. I never knew it was so hard to keep up the reg blog and then add another one on top of this. Being anonymous is NOT easy. Then I saw you had what 8?!? You are some kinda crazy. But I like that.
Looking for something that makes me FURIOUS but just wanted to stop by here first.
Thanks for the link on Rock Star Post. YOU ROCK ON GIRL! Don't be ashamed to hide it. Let it out! We all gotta be wild sometimes.

Megan said...

Number 4. You have a lovely smile.

iMuslimah said...

1 & 7 are the best in my opinion.

MashAllah what beautiful eyes :)

Assalamu alaykum,


Anonymous said...

The American flag is not supposed to be worn.

American Muslima Writer said...

Anon: That is your opinion and you're entitled to it but I think flags can be worn. People certainly have been wearing them in some fashion for ages. i see nothing wrong with it. It's not like I'm burning it or something horrid. maybe you don't like the context of what I used it to cover but that's a different issue all together. i think it looks smashing. And I've googled it just today and saw many magazine covers with wearing flags so I think on the whole it is acceptable. But i thank you for being brave enough to state your opinion.

Ms.Unique said...

Well I voted for the 1st one and I like the first one ....

U've been tagged pls visit my corner ... :)

Sacrifice4Allah said...

No. 1 looks the best!

Susie of Arabia said...

I like the way your eyes look in #1, but I like #4 too because it shows more of your fun side!
I think it's a great idea wearing a USA flag niqab - it says a lot!
I've seen people wearing flag shorts, flags on t-shirts - there's nothing wrong with it.

American Muslima Writer said...

Flifla, thanks for your vote and I certainly dont wanna scare my readers lol.

Susanne! Thanks! I loved the in depth analysis! I figured out a way for peole to see the top ones btu I'll wait til 15th to post about it lol. Loved your votes!

Megan Thanks!

American Muslima Writer said...

Cecilia thanks for your vote!!

Yasemin, Lol thanks about the creativity! I'll post on the 15th about how I made the pictures.

Aww V.Becham and now Anne Hathaway what are you trying to do drag me back in the drama of buying fashion mags? LOL I love Anne's skin total ideal! Keep yours lovely and creamy... so much better than having to hide freckles!!!
Lol me and my brows have had some beef over the years~! i used to like them, then hate them then plucked them to almost none existant then after Islam when i learned plucking was a no-no I stoped and they grew out fully and now they are ok for me.
Ok fair is fair, now we are sisters you must send me a pic of you. I will send some more of me to you too.

Lol I'm already surprised by my one Jewish vote... that was an eye opener.

American Muslima Writer said...

Furious Muslimah,
Lol thanks for stoping by here! You gotta keep up the postings! We are all waiting for the next ones!
Thanks you rock too.
Lol glad for your vote! 03 is nice I guess jsut cause of the way the hijab flips.

iMuslimah: thanks!!! Aww ya'll are making me blush. I really didn't think there was going to be much comments on this.

American Muslima Writer said...

Ms Unique! Thanks for your vote and tag!

Suzie:LOL i know in USA a lot of people wear flags. On their shirts, on their heads, just look at 4th of July how many flag clothes you see. lol. Thanks for your votes and comments.

Melissa said...

I voted for #1!

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