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Nudist Colony in Islam?

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(Thank you to Habayeb for pointing the article to my view and kindly not bothering to post about this so that I could. Thanks for the leftovers of our idea think tanks at 2am. Hehehe.)
Some people think that we should be able to return to our natural born state of nudity. After all we aren't born with clothes and many say before Adam and Eve disobeyed Allah they were nude. So we should strive to be like them. Many believe that the natural way is the only way and clothed people are deluded. They even go as far as to deny beards and body hair.
In Islam we are far removed from this mentality. We are ordered to clothe ourselves. There is a minimum each sex must follow.

Men must clothe themselves inside the house with at least their loins covered but preferably more. Depending on whom on has in the house like children. Mostly inside and out all madhabs agree that a man must be covered from the navel to the knees. Many clothes made for men do not meet this requirement. Short shorts or even long shorts but they rest on the hips and don't properly cover the navel area front and back. If this is the case of men's clothes you buy it is obligatory upon you to also add a shirt that covers the navel. The pants cannot be tight either showing the lines of the body. Like spandex biker shorts.... *averts eyes...*
Women must clothe themselves Outside from head to toe covering everything but the hands and face. Without showing shape, color, transparency. Inside she may wear what she pleases and what pleases her husband but in front of people like family and children she must cover also between the navel and knees. Which means no miniskirts and daisy duke shorts around the kiddies. There are differences on opinions as to how much of her chest and arms she must cover around different people inside the house. I'm not going into that.

The point is unless there is necessity from illness or extreme poverty there is not to be nudity inside the house even. Even when having relations with the spouse it is recommended to keep the blanket over you both so the shaytan and jinn do not watch. We are given awrahs to protect and to take care of.
It may seem all lovey earthy wonderful to imagine a world where people could walk totally free naked without sin or bad thoughts or fear of harm but this is not a perfect sinless world and thus I do not believe any place exists even nudist colonies where they can live like this. Even nudists can give each other judging looks inside their heads. They can show off in their own ways or covet someones private areas secretly. Maybe one man compares his wife to the neighbor's and prefers the neighbor. No society is without problems.
Allah Knows our natures and has ordered us with clothing for our protection. Protection not only from each other but from the elements. Maybe I haven't googled enough about nudists but I haven't found nudist colonies in Alaska. We need clothes to maintain our body temperatures.
While researching this article I had to avert my eyes A LOT. One thing I found funny though is that many of these nudist wear SHOES.... why? to protect their feet... sorry but to me this smacks of hypocrisy. If you need shoes to protect your feet from harm don't you also need clothes to protect your body from harm!
Some people it really doesn't faze them a bit to be nude and that is their problem but when you walk around nude you have to realize you're harming other's eyes! I read an article in GULF NEWS about a man who went for a stroll around Dubai NAKED! People called the cops and they took him to the mental ward to be questioned. He might have been mentally unstable speaking only German. But how many people do you see on beaches everywhere who for the sake of swimming strip down to one or two pieces of small cloth and claim they are dressed. Perverts descend to check them out. "Oh how DARE you look at me in my bikini! Shame on you!" Excuse me? SHAME ON YOU! Put some freakin clothes on! These same people are the ones calling the cops on a nudist. Hello to a Muslim bathing suits are pretty darn close to nudism. Have some respect for yourself people and don't sell yourself for free to perverts. You're giving them a free peep show.
On the other hand Muslims who cover themselves are saying loud and clear, it's my body and if you aren't gonna marry me and take care of me and be my loving support, then you don't get to see ANYTHING. Alhamdulillah. So I don't see an Islamic Nudist Colony cropping up anytime soon, and God Forbids if it does, it's a sign that the Day is near. Prepare yourselves.

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Pixie said...

LOL I almost became pagan before I learned much about Islam and I ran around in a feild naked once. I had scratches everywhere. I didn't wear shoes. But pagans ARE allowed to wear clothes:D I wouldn't want live like that AT ALL. And that was warm day. I thinking, what about extremely hot place, or cold ones? Not for me:D

Ms.Unique said...

Astagfirullah ... I think these r ppl who don't know d Qur'an most probably .... go bck to nudism huh *rolls eyes* .... accordin to d Qur'an Adam (As) and Hawa dd have clothings b4 they were removed from the Heaven ... their clothes were removed bcoz of the sin and dats why they took the leaves to cover their awrah .... lol such crazy ppl exist?

Lisa said...

These guys think it's a good idea to put on shoes because their feet get too hot going barefoot. Someone should have relayed the message that hell-fire is going to be a whole lot hotter!

I figure that walking around naked is one step away from going back to dust which is a scary proposition. So even as we speak, I'm putting on a long-sleeve shirt to go with my long denim skirt. Even if it is 80 degress out.

I wonder Brandy if there is any literature on the end days and running around naked in Islam?

Yor info on the blanket over you and husband was invaluable. i had no idea dear friend.

Love you!

Megan said...

One of my roommates attended a private college in the US with a clothing-optional campus (!), but people always wore clothing to class, even though they weren't expected to.
We're not innocent like Adam and Eve anymore, in most situations we want to cover ourselves at least somewhat. Well, most people do. Many of my female classmates don't wear very much.
I still think that "nudist in disguise" tshirt is funny!

Mrs. S said...

Haha...the thought of people being naked with shoes on both cracks me up and scares the poo out of me. I can't imagine what conversation had to happen for the original article to come up. I'm pretty sure my sister in law thinks I'm a nudist...I once told her that I fantasize about wearing a bathing suit under my jilbab when it gets crazily hot out. I know...I know...Shame on me. =)

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

Eveybody is naked here...even those who wear clothes.

I sometimes don't mind it. I lower my gaze and try not to judge. We buy clothes to cover up whats inside. But, some people have nothing to hide, not even shame.

American Muslima Writer said...

Pixie: I was laughing about this soooo hard!!! Lol like tales of skinny dippers who talk about freezing and gettign caught some how lol... there is a down side..!
Exactly hot and cold weather are no gos for nudists unless they are really hard core....

Ms.Unique taht is soemthing I hadn't heard before about their clothes before leaving to earth. Can you find me some evidences of this? I'd be really interested.
But sadly these peopel do exist far too often.

American Muslima Writer said...

Lisa Yasemin: Yes subhanAllah many don't think the sun will be nothing compared to hellfire. Good for you for striving for modestly even though it's hot out.
(lol just remeber us women in black here in the arabian deserts head to toe and it's about 120 everyday summertime :D )
I'm sure there are many things about the lack of modesty in the end of times. iremeber one in particular about people having sen in the streets like donkeys and its seen as normal and accepted... makes you certainly fear what is to come... already you have poeple making out on lockers at schools, on beaches, they are jsut one step away from the act and even in pools we know that couple in the corner hugging tight are doing something bad and we don't wanna put our goggled faces under the water to verify...astagfirullah.
Lol plz it wasn't just me and hubby I was talking about but all Muslims and non should do this. LMAO you made it sound like a personal thing for me. *blush* Often we forget the invisable beings around us like the Angels, Shaytan and Jinns. And of course Allah the All Seeing All Knowing always sees and knows.
Love ya too sis!

American Muslima Writer said...

Megan, lol i thought it was funny too. I was trying to find a nudist pic that wouldn't have people running for their blinders... found a lot of funny shirt sayings but this one was the best. Clothing optional campus Ohh PLEEEZE!!! really that is silly lol. the fact that no one does walk into school naked says alot.

Mrs. S, you'll have to ask Habayeb what she was looking up on the headlines of Gulf News to find that article then she just linked me up. lol. Bathing suit under abaya, sounds refreshing as long as you don't fall down.... or have a strong wind come by..... OR....

American Muslima Writer said...

Perplxin Texan:
"Eveybody is naked here...even those who wear clothes."

Reminds me of the hadith about those in Hellfire who will be clothed yet naked...

Too true sadly too true, people have lost the shame of exposing themselves to others of not valuing their bodies more to not let anyone but a worthy person see it.
And they call us oppressed Pssshhh!

Anonymous said...

naturist said...

Salam everyone..i don't know what to say but i really don't feel practice naturism sinfully
..i am muslim...who live in european community ...
althought never drink alcohol...never touch any woman illegally..
read quran...pray....
never visit night-clubs...never smoke
but i don't consider nudity individually or in couple or familial or some types of social nudity sinfully
I practice naturism (sleeping naked - skinny dipping -naked Ice swimming -naked sunbathe - naked homeworking - visit nude beach but i prefer practice naturism in private or with people who really believed in naturism philosophy voyeurs , no exhibitionist, no swingers or gays,no cameras ....)
i think in islam that individual nakedness is personal freedom..and nakedness in couple is duty to nurture intimacy...Allah give us a nice body to care of it..and keep it healthy ..sportif..clean..beautiful..for us and for wife..and healthy example for our children
nakedness in family while children under 5 isnot considerable..
but after that age islam forbid nakedness in front of kids or teenagers or adults..
however what the wisdom of that order?not because our bodies are shameful or sinful
i think this a puritan thought..the wisdom maybe to deny you think in others sexually and that drive you to make extra-marriage relationship with every one you like
and destroy your relationship with your wife and destroy the most important unit in society
ok..but do you if you have a pool in your backyard and your backyard is quite isolated..
do you and your family enjoy sun and water and breezes naked or not?

Anonymous said...

another phobia, I hope your're not afraid of your own body seen by others including non muhreem doctors or nurses when you need them

Akden Nistud said...

Amongst the traditions narrated from Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) on the authority of Abu Huraira, the one is that Banu Isra'il used to take a bath naked, and they looked at the private parts of one another. Moses (peace be upon him), however, took a bath alone (in privacy); and they said (tauntingly): By Allah, nothing prohibits Moses to take a bath along with us, but sacrotal hernia. He (Moses) once went for a bath and placed his clothes on a stone and the stone moved on with his clothes. Moses ran after it saying: O stone, my clothes, O stone, my clothes, and Banu Isra'il had the chance to see the private parts of Moses, and said: By Allah, Moses does not suffer from any ailment. The stone then stopped, till Moses had been seen by them, and he then took hold of his clothes and struck the stone. Abu Huraira said: By Allah, there are the marks of six or seven strokes made by Moses on the stone. (Sahih Muslim, Book 003, Number 0669)

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