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"That's Bloggable!"

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The beauty of the Blogs that I enjoy most is being able to write something that affects my emotions and sharing it with others instantaneously. Many times during my week I run into something and tell someone or say to myself "That's Bloggable!". Meaning I just had an interesting experience and I'm sure someone else in the world would find it interesting too.

For me personally I don't always get the time to write in my novels and I can't even have time to prepare to think about the characters and switch modes from real life to fantasy. But with blogs I can just stretch my writing brain, using words to describe something not newsworthy but still important to me. I also like the fact no matter what time of day it is you can see immediate responses because people all over the world are on at different times.

Without blogging I'm sure my brain would be down to three worded sentences that I use daily. No-no don't touch. Go get shoes. Gimme the spoon. You want num-num? I love you.

I really enjoy having a way to link to the world and discuss a myriad of topics that affect us all. Sometimes people post things that inform me or open my eyes to a different way of life. Mostly though I enjoy the posts that inspire me to better myself and my life and make me realize that not everything is always as difficult as it seems. These are the post I TOO aspire to write but again part of the fun of writing as I please is writing about whatever I please no matter the audience.

Some have commented before that I blog such an odd assortment but that just comes from suddenly me seeing or feeling something and saying "That's Bloggable!" So what inspires you to make a blog topic?

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PerplxinTexan♥ said...

I could've sworn I already posted on this but, perhaps not. Anyways you can cross out making a new header/banner, as I've finished yours! :)

American Muslima Writer said...

LOL Perplxin, well give me the link and lets see how closely our minds work, great minds think alike and all that lol.
OOoooOOoo I'll go check my e-mail for it :)
*ahem* I already did cross it off my list LMAO. THIS ABOVE is the new banner hehehe. The old blog template was Tiger LIllies (my fav flower) and so i got this new flower one and then made my own header but lol don't worry I'm not offended. I'm excited to see what you made.

Ms.Unique said...

Just anything random ... but I too have thought many times that something was bloggable ... but there r sooooo many bloggable things that I just forget what to blog looool .... :)

American Muslima Writer said...

Unique:lol i do that too!! Hehehe blogging is a weird world!

Sacrifice4Allah said...

Sometimes i get an idea from another sister's blog. For example if the topic is about culture i find something related to it. But most of the time, it is usually a subject i feel passionate about and common misconceptions i want to clear up about Islam based on my limited knowledge.

American Muslima Writer said...

Aww good one Sacrifice 4 Allah, i do find inspirations from other's blog too but mostly as you said just things i randomly think.
I'm glad you want to clear things up insha'Allah you succeed!

Susanne said...

I find blogging inspiration in things I read, the Bible, things my preacher says -- things that challenge, inspire or encourage me. Sometimes it's things others have written about, life, family, current events. Like you I often think of something as "bloggable," but unlike you perhaps, I really don't get a lot written. I either forget or get too many things going at once. I enjoy the variety of your posts. :-)

Sacrifice4Allah said...


JazakaAllah khair! I hope so inshaAllah!

American Muslima Writer said...

Susanne thanks! great inspiration sources! Maybe if you carry around a tiny post it notes and then just jot one word idea down when it comes to you.
Love yours too!

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