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Bruised Knees

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Many times I have received injury to myself to save my children from harm. It's all part of being a mother. But the recent bruises were worse than usual. I was washing all the pillows for the beds and the bathroom floor was getting soapy and slippery so when my son came whining at my legs in bare feet I worried for his safety. "Oh no you don't, You're gonna fall!" I said picking him up from under his arms with his back against my tummy and his feet a few inches off the ground as I carried him from the room. Right as I was turning to set him on the carpet my slippery feet slid out from under me. The edging on the door is sharp metal so i knew I had to prevent his body from contact so as I fell I pulled him against me. My right knee hit the floor first taking the most impact followed by the right side of my left knee. Then my son's 12kilos of weigh came crashing down on my wrist which smashed right into the tile floor. I let him go and he rolled off onto the carpet upset but alhamdulillah unharmed. As I cradled my knees and wrist. My husband came running and my undignified yelp of surprise and helped me to my feet. I spent the next two days holding an ice pack to them every chance I got to lay down. They started swelling and that ice felt soooo good! Now they are tender to touch and still have pretty deep bruised marks still after a week. At least I don't have to ice them now though. It's just amazing the way a mother can sacrifice her own welfare to ensure her child comes to no harm. SubhanAllah.

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Nicolette said...

I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I figured this would be the best way since I know you get on here fairly frequently and I don't know how often you check your e-mail these days. So Hope that it is great and that you get to do something special for YOU.

Lisa said...

We would both do it in a heartbeat. Just as the mother protects her cub. It really is amazing. But if ou stop to think, I know you'd take a bullet for your kids. And it would be an honor. I just hope you are feeling better. Once the pain goes away the itching associated with huge scrapes begins. Love you Brandy.

Anonymous said...

You are mistaken. I can prove it. Write to me in PM.

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