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Body in Alley

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It's Thursday Night and that is the weekend night for us. So i begged Hubby to go out to eat tonight. We piled into the car and started driving. We had to drive down a path between buildings in the dirt to get to the main road. We were idling chatting when he slowed to watch out for the raised sewage covers in the alley. We both stared hard at the same time at a strange shape that blended with the fallen leaves piled up against an old run down house. A dark man was walking slowly our way in the short distance but we kept looking at this shape unable to figure it out. Two sandaled shoes stuck out at odd angles that couldn't be just rubbish on a blanket (my mental guess at the pile). I finally spoke up, "Is that a BODY!?" I asked Hubby. "I think so!" He replied confused. It was a dark alley and the only light was our car beams.

"Oh my GOD! It's a BODY! GO!!! Go see!" I say anxiously pushing Hubby to get out. He starts to get out and I run out too. As we get closer we see it's an indian or south pacific woman laying face down in the dust and leaves. "Call 911!" I order Hubby. She looked dead. "Isn't it 999 here or something?" He asks. I mentally smack myself of course it is 999 here and tell him so. At my shout the dark man comes running up to us and yelling the woman's name, her family member. He starts turning her trying to lift her but I'm worried about a broken neck or something so I help him turn her over gently while Hubby is talking to the 999 people. I check her pulse on her neck and find it's strong and she's breathing well. I report this to the man and my husband to tell the operator. Then the man runs into the house that we found her next to and like five people come running out. All looking much like her except a Philippino. I tell them she's breathing and alive and there is ambulance on the way. One brings a cup of water and splashes her face. "Wipe her face not splash," I suggest in Arabic.
She starts coming around alhamdulliah. She's confused and starts crying. They are all trying to get her to stand and I'm pushing them back to let her rest a little and come to her senses. Eventually the eldest male probably her father lifts her up and she can barely stand. But they get her to walk slowly in the house. I ask the Philippino if she speaks English and she says yes so I ask her what happened. "She failed an exam today and was depressed and wanted to run away." She said. I felt so bad for her. "Please tell them to be kind and patient with her ok. She's really upset. They must be kind. A test is not worth her life ok. Go and tell them this." I said and she went back into the house nodding. Hubby informed the operator of the latest turn that she was in her house with her family.
I wished this was America and a police would come to check on her but sadly if they know she's with family they don't bother here. So we got back in the car and drove off somberly still in shock we had found a body in the alley. Who knows what might have happened if we hadn't seen her. Cars go fast sometimes down this alley and could have hit her. The way her relative was walking he couldn't see her form in the dark because her house dress blended perfectly with the leaves. SubhanAllah SubhanAllah! Alhamdulillah we spotted her.
I'm going to go tomorrow morning to visit her and make sure she's ok.

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Sacrifice4Allah said...

SubhanaAllah! Alhamdulilah that you and your husband spotted her and were there to help her. May Allah reward you both for your kindness and compassion.

She sounded very stressed about failing the exam but running away or worse will not change the results.I really hope she is okay now.

Susanne said...

Yikes!!!!! How scary! A few months ago my parents were headed to church one Sunday evening and they saw a man lying in the ditch. He had been riding his motorcycle when a deer hit him. The guy was bleeding from the ears ... in horrible shape. Life Flight sent a helicopter to take him to the hospital. Thank God, I believe the man is OK now, but he was in the hospital for a while with a swelling brain and all. Ugh.

I hope this young lady is OK. Thanks for sharing. I hope YOU are fine.

TheAngryMuslimah said...

Ughhh what a story......I hope her family does jutice by her...the pour soul......

many time i have thought of running away myself.......things arent as bad as they seem sometimes.....May Allah(swt) protect her and guide her

Nicolette said...

Wow, that is scary. Did you ever find out the reason why she was passed out outside? Unfortunately I know what it is like to fail an exam. It can be very depressing. Did you still go to dinner after that?

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Dear Brandy:

OMG - you poor thing having to experience that trauma! And that poor woman; Alhamdulillah that you were there to help. May Allah (swt) reward you/Ameen.

Lisa said...

I'm terrified for this girl! What could be so, so wrong with failing a test that she'd be laying near a gutter? It scares me too death Brandy to think that maybe she's desperately trying to escape that family due to abuse, neglect, lost and stolen dreams. Who knows?

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you will be going to check on her. Let us know how it goes. It is practically a duty right now to do so.

When you found her was she actually ill or just depressed and trying to sleep it off? It scares me that a young girl would go this far, unless she was suicidal. What would have happened if you hadn't been there?

SubhanAllah she may have died, and her story likely wouldn't have even made the paper.

I know there's likely few resources for a girl like her dearest Brandy. Any idea on her age?

Thak God for you and your husband Brandy. It is quite possible another family would have driven on.

Interested to hear how Thursday is a weekend day. Is it husband's job and odd hours? Jummah as a no-work day for you guys and Thusday consequently a break? Or is that how it is in general in Dubai?

I love you so much Brandy. You have the patience of Job and I'm glad Allah brought you to that girl and no one else. Alhamdulillah.

Habayeb said...

Omgg alhamdulilah u guys came around. There are also men who lurk around in dark alleys and u know what i mean! Alhamdulilah she is safe. Ahh this uni or skool tensions. Really sometimes parents push it with their "expectations". So many young boys in india commit suicide after their board exams in the 10th or 12th grade if they dont pass out. Plus yeah its also their own sadness. sigh. Did u go see her? how is she?

Lisa, in the UAE the weekend begins on thursday. Fridays and saturdays is an off. Although, in some offices u can choose thursday and friday or friday and sat.

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