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Queen of...

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My daughter popped up to me just now holding her pink sparkly jewel/bead crown and with a official tone proudly announced,

"You are now Queen of Quoz Industrial!"

She placed the crown upon my head and beamed at me, wearing her own crown of sparkle gold.

"Queen of Quoz Industrial?" I asked.

"Yes, and I'm the Princess of Quoz Industrial." She beamed again then wandered off to rule her domain.

Now I'm left here with this title.  Well I'm not one to scoff at being promoted to Queen, Buuuuuuttt....... I was hoping for something a little more substantial like London, Venice, Versailles, or heck, even Jumairah.  Even just Quoz sounds better. As the Quoz area has Villas and a beautiful park and a bowling center.

However I've been deemed worthy of ruling over the down-trodden industrial section, filled with factories, and masses of accommodation apartments, and more trucks and large vehicles than you can shake a stick at.
But I'm not one to turn my nose at those unfortunates so I shall accept my appointment and shall rule my Queendom with all the geniality and care I possess.
May my reign be long and true .....(and a quick promotion.....)

~Written this twenty-fourth day of the tenth month October in the year two-thousand-ten.
   Brandy AZ Chase, Queen of Quoz Industrial

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Scream of Fear or Happiness, could be both.

I realized National Novel Writing Month 2010 will begin in a few weeks!!!!

Maybe you didn't hear me!?!?!

I SAID....



Worse, I don't even have a character!

Worse yet, I'm not even sure I can even manage to do it this year.  I just moved, I'm working, I have kids, and a husband, and a house, AND I HOMESCHOOL!!!! (Not to mention a slew of other stuff to do)

But failing to do it and leaving that Nano Winner Sign on my blog sidebar all alone for another year would make me disappointed in myself ALL YEAR LONG TIL NOV 2011!!!

But how can I possibly pull long all nighters and drink mounds of coffee, while praying by the end of 50,000 words I have the semblance of a book, and still haven't trashed my responsibilities so much that I've lost my job and family.....?

If that's not enough the disappointment I didn't get last year's novel polished off and published like i had hoped is kinda getting me down, thinking why should i bother with yet another unfinished novel? I already have like over 40!

It's tempting me awfully strong! Racing to do all my responsibilities and STILL pull out a novel...

OKAY OKAY, I know it sounds absolutely crazy! I'm gonna do it!!!!

(is it too late to delete that sentence? In Nano you're not allowed to go back and delete, just keep writing.... So I guess I better get into that habit right?..... then again the month hasn't started yet!)

I'm gonna do it!

Plus it will be fabulous meeting all the Novelist here in Dubai when the Nano people get together at a cafe.... (although I'll be the only one without a laptop...  )

So count me in!  And I DARE YOU TO DO IT TO!!!
Come on ya know ya wanna.....

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My Metro Ride

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Hello & Salam ,
It's my first day off work, as I had to use all my off days last month to make up for days I took off work to move. So I wanted to update you what has been happening lately with me.

I've finished moving to Dubai, UAE from Al-Ain, UAE.
My husband got a job in technical services with Emirates Airlines and he's happy with his new job. (especially as he was out of work for 5 months!)  He works the morning shift right now and as soon as he gets home I leave for work ensuring our kids have someone with them all the time.  Although his schedule will change soon to flipping hours every two days, so mine will too!!! UGGH!!!
I'm working at Magrudy's a Bookstore as Customer Service Executive. (what a cool title :) ) I work at a mall in the middle of the East side of Dubai called Deira City Center. I live on the West side of Dubai so to get to work everyday takes about an hour.  I drive around this huge roundabout (traffic circle) which has 3 traffic lights IN it. Then go up three more lights to the Metro station. I park in a dirt parking because the paved parking is astronomically high priced for the 8 hours I'd be parked there.  So I walk in the Humid sweltering heat of Dubai about 5 minutes to the entrance of the station. I swipe my pay tag and go up the escalator to wait for the metro train. Dubai's metro is fully automated (no driver) and is very awesome and stylish.  It has a GOLD carriage for those who wanna pay more for more comfort (aka not me). Then it has a Women and Children ONLY carriage so we don't have to be squashed like sardines in with the men. Many of whom have been away from their wives and children for years....

So if you're Blessed enough to find a seat then you can enjoy your trip with ease otherwise you gotta hang onto a rail and hope someone gets up from a seat at the next stop.  The ride takes 35 minutes from my entry to my exit. I get to ride through the heart of Dubai everyday. Tall buildings loom on both sides of the track which is raised high above the traffic. Quite awesome though is passing the Burj Khalifa (Khalifa Tower) everyday. It's currently the tallest tower in the world and people pay an arm and a leg to buy tickets to come see it from around the world. (  for a cool pic of it) I'm not a big fan of spending gobs of money on superstructures that benefit few rather than many, but there is something neat in craning your neck to look up at it and as you pass by to watch the sunlight follow you gleaming up and down the sparkling exterior.
Moving on though we eventually enter an underground tunnel to go under the river that separates two halves of Dubai. When you sit in the front of the train you get a really awesome view of the dim tunnel whooshing by separated by stops at glossy well designed train platforms. Finally I reach mine decorated in Silver with Circles overlapping.  I rush up the escalator to the exit where i swipe my card again. Another long escalator leads me to the to street. Buses and taxis and gobs of traffic rush through the busy streets and a beautiful view of downtown Dubai I just left is framed by the creek I went under. The humidity starts to stick on me so I forget the view and rush the ten feet into the Deira City Center Mall entrance. Up two flights of escalators and to the right is my work at Magrudy's and the hustle and bustle of commerce is enticing.

After my shift is finished I make my way home backwards from how I came and by then my kids are sleeping so I take the chance to read for a half an hour and then Pray and Sleep. It's tiring but at the end of the month is is satisfying to have money in your pocket and to know you've helped people, and joined with society in some way. I'm also enjoying our new house. Although it's far in Quoz Industrial area, it's safe and clean. And best of all I finally have AC in every room! Which I didn't have in Al-Ain. I'm only 15 minutes drive from the huge Mall of Emirates where I can find any shop. (Although the most awesome thing about working at Deira City Center is they have TACO BELL!!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!!)  So it's fun and exciting living here in Dubai now.

I'm still waiting for my Internet connection at home, thus the sparse communication.  But we are all doing fine and the kids love it here too. They are currently terrorising the Internet Cafe here in the small Al Khail Mall (next to my house), so I have to run off.
I miss you all and I hope to talk to you more later (hopefully next week on my day off!)

Goodbye and Salams,
Brandy Aminah-Zahira Chase

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