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Queen of...

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My daughter popped up to me just now holding her pink sparkly jewel/bead crown and with a official tone proudly announced,

"You are now Queen of Quoz Industrial!"

She placed the crown upon my head and beamed at me, wearing her own crown of sparkle gold.

"Queen of Quoz Industrial?" I asked.

"Yes, and I'm the Princess of Quoz Industrial." She beamed again then wandered off to rule her domain.

Now I'm left here with this title.  Well I'm not one to scoff at being promoted to Queen, Buuuuuuttt....... I was hoping for something a little more substantial like London, Venice, Versailles, or heck, even Jumairah.  Even just Quoz sounds better. As the Quoz area has Villas and a beautiful park and a bowling center.

However I've been deemed worthy of ruling over the down-trodden industrial section, filled with factories, and masses of accommodation apartments, and more trucks and large vehicles than you can shake a stick at.
But I'm not one to turn my nose at those unfortunates so I shall accept my appointment and shall rule my Queendom with all the geniality and care I possess.
May my reign be long and true .....(and a quick promotion.....)

~Written this twenty-fourth day of the tenth month October in the year two-thousand-ten.
   Brandy AZ Chase, Queen of Quoz Industrial

3 intelligent thoughts:

Anonymous said...

LOL - how cute your daughter, the Princess of Quoz Industrial is!!

Nicolette said...

LOL nice :), well I guess it's better than being Queen of the trailor park right? Hope you're doing well

American Muslima Writer said...

hehehe Yes Dunya, sometimes the things she comes up with surprises

LMAO Nicolette,
I dunno hon, at least the trailor park had trees, and a swimming pool! Here not even a blade of grass or a WEED in sight!

Devoted readers:
For an intersting trivial about me:
Me and Nicolette were childhood best friends that started our young friendship smack dab in the middle of a South Tucson Trailor Park. We had fun climbing trees, playing with bubbles, and trying to build a wooden playhouse that only got as far as the walls.... she's moved onto nicer places...I've moved onto being queen of Quoz trees....

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