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Scream of Fear or Happiness, could be both.

I realized National Novel Writing Month 2010 will begin in a few weeks!!!!

Maybe you didn't hear me!?!?!

I SAID....



Worse, I don't even have a character!

Worse yet, I'm not even sure I can even manage to do it this year.  I just moved, I'm working, I have kids, and a husband, and a house, AND I HOMESCHOOL!!!! (Not to mention a slew of other stuff to do)

But failing to do it and leaving that Nano Winner Sign on my blog sidebar all alone for another year would make me disappointed in myself ALL YEAR LONG TIL NOV 2011!!!

But how can I possibly pull long all nighters and drink mounds of coffee, while praying by the end of 50,000 words I have the semblance of a book, and still haven't trashed my responsibilities so much that I've lost my job and family.....?

If that's not enough the disappointment I didn't get last year's novel polished off and published like i had hoped is kinda getting me down, thinking why should i bother with yet another unfinished novel? I already have like over 40!

It's tempting me awfully strong! Racing to do all my responsibilities and STILL pull out a novel...

OKAY OKAY, I know it sounds absolutely crazy! I'm gonna do it!!!!

(is it too late to delete that sentence? In Nano you're not allowed to go back and delete, just keep writing.... So I guess I better get into that habit right?..... then again the month hasn't started yet!)

I'm gonna do it!

Plus it will be fabulous meeting all the Novelist here in Dubai when the Nano people get together at a cafe.... (although I'll be the only one without a laptop...  )

So count me in!  And I DARE YOU TO DO IT TO!!!
Come on ya know ya wanna.....

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Anonymous said...

As-salaamu alaikum! I never heard about Nanowrimo til you posted a message on the IWA egroup bulletin. Wow...pretty inspiring...and scary. Got me thinking I can do it too....but I don't know. Did you win in 2009? What happens at the end?! Why should I put myself through havoc to do this challenge? Your prior experience is appreciated! Pretty nice badge over there in the widget section.

Anonymous said...

Do they have a NanoWrtMo (or whatever you call it!) for non-fiction writers? I like the concept, but I don't write fiction.

With respect to challenges, and with all due respect to your current challenge of partaking in this year's event, why don't you rise to the challenge of finishing an unfinished manuscript?

OK, OK, I should take my own advice. It's so easy to see someone else with unfinished manuscripts when I've got enough of my own.

Seriously, though, let's do something together. Let's promise to finish one manuscript by the end of the year, and find someplace to publish it.

I don't have book-length work (yet), but I do have several essays I think are worthy of the effort.

Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam sis. I am attempting the challenge this year. However I don't stress over getting it finished or not by the end. If I do, alhamdulillah, if I don't, well it's still all good. :-) Like you I have other responsibilities too and try to prioritize.

I did post the opening to my novel on my blog if you or anyone else for that matter wants to check it out.

Ma salaam!

American Muslima Writer said...

wbabdullah Salam Brother,
well you get a cool coupon to use for one free printing of your book IN BOOK FORM and you can print your own certificate to frame, and get blog widgets to post.
Mostly you get the satisfaction of completing a difficult challenge.
Much like men playing american football. Why bother chasing a silly shaped ball from one end of a patch of grass to the other?

because they can and it's a challenge....
So is Nano.

DO IT! You'll love it!

American Muslima Writer said...

Marahm good to see you back here too :)

It is nice to have e-friends as I'm juggling home,work etc.. hardly have time for friends...

Nano IS for ALL kinds of writing, whatever you wanna write a book about as long as it's 50,000 words long.
Compile your essays into a book etc... write a non-fiction.

Technically the rules say you're to start with soemthing fresh. You must start the month with no words written or that is cheating....but many poeple do it. Take old manuscripts and either re-write them, finish them, edit them, whatever strikes their fancy. personally I beleive whatever makes you motivated to WRITE consistantly all month is well worth it cheating or not, and no one can really tell who is doing what unless they admit it.
But ALlah it's up to you what you wanna write. It's not to late to get in on it.
Sign up and Add me: user BrandyAZChase

I'd love having a writing buddy egging me on hehehe love that phrase.... I'm hoping this book or the one i wrote last year will be the first full one published. Most poeple get theirs published in the year after november.
So you're on hon. By next November let's have something polished and published. Or at least have been constantly submitted.

I accept your challenge Madam and dare you to take it as well.

American Muslima Writer said...

Umm Aaminah,

Masha'Allah mabrouk!
Hope you can pull it off too!!!

Yeah I'm thinking that way too that it's okay if I dont pull it off , but then my blog mocks me with one year finished and my competitive spirit rises up and goes...YOU WONT LOSE!

We'll see hehehe. May Allah help you with yours, ADD me on Nano: BrandyAZChase

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