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Slap Him!

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How many times have you heard about some idiot dude harassing a woman and All you can think of to say is "SLAP HIM!" or "I'd give my teeth to slap him!" Yet if a man said this within hearing distance of any woman we'd be all over him like truck drivers at a mud wrestling ring.
We'd protest abuse and violence etc.. yet rarely is it noted that this is not acceptable in return from Women to Men. In the "West" we grow up thinking this is the right thing to do when you are highly insulted. It is practically something graceful to do! Old Movies even show it as a main part of Romance. Man grabs her elbow forcing her to him, she pulls back and dignified raises her hand to slap his face. He holds her tougher in return and they passionately kiss to make up.

*snort* yeah right. This is not how it happens in real life.

In Islam it is not allowed to hit people on the face because it is a source of great shame and brings deep embarrassment. The face is a place of dignity.

* Atonement for slapping on the face:Islam requires freeing a slave if the slave master slaps or hits his slave on the face. This is based on the Hadith of Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him): “Whosoever slaps his slave or hits him/her on the face must pay an atonement by freeing him” [Bukhari]. Footnote: 1. From his book Misconceptions About Human Rights in Islam*

So why is it then that women feel justified in slapping a man or another woman across the face but if a man were to do it to another man or a woman WHOA! Someone call the Cops!

I wanna hear your opinions!

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أم ترافيس said...

I dont agree with hitting anyone at anytime ever.

Although, I must say, that when *some* women get emotional, it might be appropriate to give her some physical shake or grab to pull her into reality. I have seen where that is necessary. And perhaps with children too. When my son was young I slapped him sometimes on the hand and he would cry like he was beaten. To me, such cases warrant this. As for a women slapping a man. Eek. I dont know, I just think the best thing to do is walk away. But when women are going "off" it is different then men. I dont care what *other* people think. IT IS different. Men dont act that way. They dont.


Ms.Unique said...

Subhan Allah! I ddn't know abt this b4 though I dd know dat slapping on the face was considered wrong ... Thanks for the hadith ....

Cecilia said...

mabye because when a woman slaps a man it is more symbolic than to hurt the other person?? And when a man slaps a woman it is to hurt her??? I don´t know, but I don´t think it´s ok for neither the woman or the man to hit anyone.

Lisa said...

Can't I at least slap the perpetrating male with the equivalent of the Prophet's (pbuh)light wooden toothbrush?? (forgot it's Arabic name).

My understanding dear Brandy is that this is considered halal.

Of course, I have gone further with it, and I think Allah has probably punished me. I can't say husband didn't have it coming though.

There are men aound the world who are being abused and are not heard. It is hard to assist them when we have laws everywhere that cater to women. One example is the one that let that rapist female teacher get off when a man would have done 10 years.

Love you Brandy!

Anonymous said...

We are adults Umm Travis not children who throw tantrums. If a woman is emotional just walk away, it is an advice i would give to both women and men. Men can have their moments as well. I really hate it when clerics compare us to children to justify hitting a woman, they aregue it will discipline us. Mad

Anonymous said...

Confession.........i have slapped a few roudy men........but I am goi g on a limb here to say.i know many people willnot be suprrised by that....

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