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Amazing Bloggers! "Lazeena: Halal?, Food on Niqaab, Al-Ghaithi"

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Masha'Allah this is part of my 2009 goals featuring each month an Awesome Blogger I find that is doing A LOT of work online to help their sisters or has a very interesting blog.

Our February Amazing Blogger Award goes to: Lazeena. She has three awesome blogs:

Is it Halal? Which features different Products and if they are Halal or Haram for us Muslims to use. She personally e-mails or writes tot eh company and asks specific questions and then posts the actual reply from the company directly on her site. Very informative. Just the other day I was at my close friend's house and she sudden;y commented, "Yeah cause Laundry Softeners are full of beef fat..." My mind did a double take. Wait a second! I saw that post! That's Lazeena's Blog! "Where did you see that?" "Online, a site called is it Halal? It features -" "Yeah of course I know that site! I'm always blogging with the sister, her name is Lazeena. She's awesome." "Oh ok well cool."
So Lazeena it's official you're famous. A non-blogger was quoting you. :D

Is there food on my niqaab? An awesome mix of thoughts musings and informative and funny ideas. Just the blog name itself is unusual but soo true. I really love to see what Lazeena will post about next.

Al Ghaithi Sisters I will let the blog speak for itself :)
Who is this family?
In October of 2007 the Al-Ghaithi family suffered from a gas explosion in their Harlem, NY apartment. The result? Mother and wife, Alouf (29) died from injuries, leaving behind her four beautiful daughters who were badly burned (ages 6, 5, 3, and 1). 3 year old Leena became blinded and 6 year old Duaa suffered the most, with burns that covered more than 60% of her tiny body! On top of that she lost three fingers on her right hand. After spending 10 months in the hospital and undergoing intense therapy, she was finally reunited with her father, Rassas, and sisters. The family then moved out of the homeless shelter they were staying in to a new apartment in Queens. Please help this family know the Muslim Ummah is there for them and send a contribution to help them restart their lives!

Awesome of you Lazeena to make a whole blog to help this family. Insha'Allah they are doing better and may you gain reward from Allah. So for all your blogging efforts, here you go hon. All for you.

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Ms.Unique said...

Masha Allah! Congrats to Lazeena ... she sure is an awesome blogger and she does deserve this Award .... and Jazak Allah Kahiran to U too Brandy to starting this Award giving .... I'm enjoying this ....

American Muslima Writer said...

You're really gonna enjoy next months blogger! Can't wait to tell everyone!

yes Lazeena is always everywhere at everyone's blgos too beside having her own awesome ones! She's an awesome sister period :)

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

duuuuuuuuuude thanks for telling me all late LOL but alhamdulillah thanks a lot sis, very sweet of you, everyone out here on bloggerland is awesome mashaAllah

American Muslima Writer said...

Lol I was sure I told you perhaps on the halal blog? oh well better late than never eh?
hehehehe pluuuus you shoulda known I did this if you keep up with my blog *wink wink*

You definitly deserve this!

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