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Ironing days

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Ick i hate ironing when i see a pile of things that need to be. I procrastinate until I'm in deep trouble and am forced to iron something for SOMEONE to wear to work. Then I usually enjoy myself as I work on making perfect seams and lines and flatening out the wrinkles. It's theraputic. I then don't want to stop ironiong as I try to make a headway into the pile. I manage to get about 6 shirts and three pants done before life gets in the way and I have to turn off the iron. Then again I forget my therepy and once again the pile looms large.

ARG! Why can't my ADD head get it stright that having everything ironed it worth it later?

Love Ironing but....

H A T E I T !

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Nicolette said...

Just throw them in the dryer like I do lol... ironing is overrated.

American Muslima Writer said...

lol i wish I could dear Nicolette. I don't have a dryer. Everything is line dried on my folable lines. And in this culture everything has to be ironed. Ugh!
Husband esp likes things crisp and tidy... i know crazy huh that I married him ;)

Love you!

Mom said...

I wonder where Rajaa got such strong lungs? I am sorry, I just had to ask.

American Muslima Writer said...

LOL SURELY not from her Opratic mother... ohhh noo couldn't be!

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