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Lemon Cake: How Bitter you are.

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Probably going to go more in depth there. keep things lighter here.

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Lisa said...

Laughing * I've also kind of given up on baking with the kids. Hope this experience wasn't too bad. Lemon cake sounds delicious, but was it supposed to be a cake and now is a muffin? Hugs and kisses to you and the kids *

Melissa said...

As salam alaikum

Oh wow, what a heartbreaking story. My daughter's said that she wanted a new mommy to me too. It's so awful to hear such a thing from our precious babies, isn't it?

I tagged you:

American Muslima Writer said...

Lol Yasemin,

I made a shallow pizza thickness cake AND a few little cupcakes i just used the muffin for picture beauty lol.

Melissa, Wow thanks for your comment! Awww I'm so sorry she said that! Please let me know what did you tell her back? Has she said it ever again?
Aww My heart goes out to you too.

Thanks for the tag!

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