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Hate Nail Polish but LOVE IT?

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So we all love Nail Polish and yet we hate it because we know only an hour after applying it (depending on time of application) we will have to take it off to make wudu and pray.
Polish is a barrier that prevents water from touching the WHOLE of the nail. It is not valid to only take off one little chip in the corner and call that letting water reach the nail. it must reach the WHOLE nail. Even on the edge by the skin where it is hard to remove the polish.
I spotted Muslimah2Muslimahs Post about Nail Polish Dye and that got me thinking about a way to just peel off the poish when you want to make wudu. When I was a kid I had this barbie or something nail polish that just peeled off. Me and Nicolette used to just paint and peel and paint and peel over and over again. But so I wondered if they had it in other colores besides candy red. I found this website Honey Bee Gardens All Natural Products. They have a peel off nail polish that might be benefitial to stock up on. Next time you wanna go glam you can do so then when making wudu just peel it off throw it away and wash up. They come off with soap and water too so while you make wudu if some parts don't peel fully it will go away anyways. It's water soluable. $5.99 per bottle and they have 6 colors so far. Awesome Products for Muslims!

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Ms.Unique said...

Me likes it but not too much coz ddn't find any peel off polish's here ... Anywyas thnx for the info ....

Melissa said...

I like nailpolish, but, I haven't worn it but once I or twice since I became Muslim. My husband hates it though, he thinks it looks tacky and dirty.

Habayeb said...

i wish that was available in UAE! For now i will use nail polishes only when im on the red card.

Muslimah2Muslimah said...

That is an okay, idea, however, I'm thinking if I was out and about and it was suddenly time to pray, I doubt I would have the time to peel of the polish and then repaint again after salat. My life is a bit too hectic for that. Not to mention my unsteady hand! lol... Cool idea, I guess, but not for me!


American Muslima Writer said...

Heb and Unique: you can order it from the website i gave if you want.
Maybe I should buy these and get them arounsd the malls here. i think it'll be a smash here.

Melisas I don't even get to wear it during my period lol cause my husb is like your and he thinks nail polish looks aweful. I haven't worn polish in like um....*starts counting*...4 years back when i first had my daughter and got a 40 day time frame! Since then Pshh no way.

M2M I understand but it does peel off very fast. Like in seconds. But re-painting of coruse will take time as it says it takes about 2-5 minutes depending on coat thickness to dry completly.
Your nail dye sounds cool though.

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