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CHAOS...on my calm chaos

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What do these two pictures have in common? Click here to find out the surprising answer.

4 intelligent thoughts:

Majda said...

That's a pretty horrifying looking bathroom.

Anonymous said...

yuck yuck!! were is my bleach... hi i am new to your blog and i love it.. very interesting reading.. how do you manage to keep up with all of your blogs masha'Allah..

ilka said...


this is beyond disgusting. i like how you showed horrible looking houses and then stated they none of the pics were of your didnt think so anyway.

American Muslima Writer said...

Majda, minty,and ilka....Lol next time I'm making this kinda post not commentable Ya'll are supposed to comment OVER THERE HEHEHEHE!!!

Majda: IT IS gross! Let me tell you the secret where I found the picture. On a sight showing the horros of homes for sale in Arizona USA. I was disgusted to knwo this is from my home state... lol. Worse was thinking some poor person would be desperate enough to buy this...

Minty: Lol WELCOME! Lol I think Bleach and then SOME would be needed! Maybe a sandblaster. LOL my secret is I don't keep up withthem well. I pick and choose and play favorites. Whichever striks my favoritism fancy that day gets all my love and support. And I suck at commenting back on my own blog because I'm so busy with writing posts AND commenting on other's blogs LOL. So welcome but bare with me in my disorganizedness. I'll go check out your blog now too because the name minty just gets me curious....

ilka: HEHEHE after posting them I worried somone would actaulyl think this was my hosue becuase sadly growing up as a child even though my parents did try their hardest my bedroom did look like this and worse sometimes and I wanted all the poeple in real life who know me to BE SURE these were not mine hehehe. But I think some of us cronically clean-challenged people sometimes have bad days where it piles up like this before we sort it out.

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