Jannah Standards International Homeschooling
is what I decided to call my Homeschool officially. (Officially as in if anyone asks LOL)
I've made a blog to keep mainly my mom and my mother-in-law and all family informed to what their precious grandkids are doing. I will upload lots of pictures of our schoolroom and also of the kids doing things. There will be craft ideas and other fun stuff later as well.
Hopefully those of you who Homeschool or who are thinking about it can see how much can be accomplished with a small budget and might consider doing it too. Insha'Allah!
Have fun checking it out!

3 intelligent thoughts:

malizea said...

amazing idea I don't have kids for the moment but it will be very a huge inspiration for me, inchallah!

American Muslima Writer said...

malizea, masha'Allah I hope you have wonderful kids and are able to give them the best in education, education from the heart of their parents.
XOXOX to you.

malizea said...

Jazkallahoukher for your dou'a ;)

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