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Amazing Bloggers! "Towards an Orderly Muslim Household"

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Masha'Allah this is part of my 2009 goals to start featuring each month an awesome Blogger I find that is doing A LOT of work online to help their sisters or has a very interesting blog.

Our January Amazing Blogger is:

Towards an Orderly Muslim Household This is one of many blogs for blogger Talibiddeen Jr. In this blog she focuses in how to oraganize your household into running smoothly and better islamically. She has dozens if not a hundred printables of organizations charts and links. Some links are still under construction so I hope she continues to update the site.

About her site she says:
"This site is aimed at providing tips, "projects", printables, and motivation especially for the Muslimah homemaker (but there's lots that may be helpful even if you are not Muslim).
The Muslimah homemaker has many roles: slave of Allah, wife, woman, mother, teacher, housekeeper, cook.
My ultimate goal is to provide resources that help the Muslimah carry out all these important roles more efficiently for the sake of Allah."
Click here for more information about this site and the blogger behind it.

I was amazed at the time and energy that she puts into her blogs and still manages to keep her house and many kids organized... wow did she say 8! Masha'Allah! I can't wait to see what else she will add! So for you dear Umm Ibrahim (Talibiddeen Jr.) I dub you this month's Amazing Blogger! You're a rare jewel and we all hope you keep shining.

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Ms.Unique said...

Wow that's so nice of you ... and that's a really interesting sister ... I'm going to visit her blog ritght away .... need lots of role models like her myself .... Jazak Allah Khairan Brandy ... :)

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